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An Honest Review of Wildflower (Wellness) CBD

Wildflower is part of Wildflower Brands, an integrated wellness company headquartered in Vancouver, whose main objective is to build brands with an emphasis on healthy, plant-based products.

The company’s main focus point is to bring people in touch with the healing power of plants. They advertise and aim to inspire holistic wellness, promoted by their CBD and cannabis products which are designed to offer a satisfactory, healing experience. 

The Company

Wildflower was founded by a small but diverse team in 2012, in Vancouver. They develop their products with the customers’ best interest in mind, in GMP facilities and with third-party lab testing of products for quality assurance and accurate labeling. The company goes to great lengths to bring out the most beneficial effects of cannabis; they use top notch cannabinoids paired with the most synergistic ingredients, in order to bring to the market an impressive range of wellness-focused CBD infused products.

Wildflower Wellness products have been featured in quite a large number of publications, ranging from high-end luxury magazines like Vogue, and widely recognized business publications by Forbes, to Vanity Fair and Glamour UK.

Where To Buy & Offers

You can use the store-locator app on Wildflower’s official website, in order to find out what location is most comfortable for you. Even though the company does not currently ship outside of the U.S. directly from the website, there is an abundance of third party online retailers that might be able to ship to your region. 

Ground shipping is free on orders over $50, while for smaller orders there is a $7.50 shipping charge, and the delivery usually takes up to 7 business days. Wildflower also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as you can see in the return policy tab. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may contact the contact to request a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days. 

Upon entering the website, you can find the rewards button on the bottom left, and find out how to earn points you can turn into amazing rewards. There is also a monthly subscription option if you are interested, while the website also features a blog page full of informative posts.

Product Line

Wildflower features an interesting range of certified vegan, self-care products that promise to be made of 100% natural ingredients. The line-up comprises CBD capsules, vaporizers, tinctures and soap.

The CBD tinctures produced by Wildflower contain full spectrum cannabidiol, coconut oil and milk thistle extract, as well as natural flavoring. You can make a choice between Wellness and Pure, both 500mg at $79.99, or Relief and Pure Plus, both 1000mg at $119.99. Those hemp-based CBD products address muscle ache, skin inflammation and discomfort, and the THC quantity they contain does not exceed the legally allowed percentage of .03%.

If you are interested in the capsules, you can try the plain CBD ones, containing 30 capsules with 30mg of CBD per capsule, priced $79.99, or the curcumin & ginseng flavored ones, containing also 30 capsules but with 20mg of CBD per single capsule, priced $89.99. Both of those are rich in amino acids and omega 3 and 6, offering you numerous benefits on your health and general wellness.

As for the soap, Wildflower uses broad spectrum CBD extracts of the finest quality, together with coconut oil to produce bars of soap you can use as part of an everyday routine for healthy, hydrated skin. You can choose between vanilla or lavender, both in a pack of 3 bars, priced $29.99.

Wildflower also sells CBD rechargeable vaporizers and cartridges. The formulations include full spectrum CBD, crystalline, essential oils, soy lecithin and glycerol stearate, as well as polysorbates. However, the latter are emulsifiers known to have some not-so-healthy properties, and that is a tad strange coming from a health-focused company. Of course, one can argue that vaping itself is not the healthiest of habits.

Finally, there are also the starter kits: the company has chosen carefully each Wildflower comprising the kits to make for the ultimate wellness experience. You can opt for the Mist kit or the Rain kit, both priced $199.99, depending on the contents that best suit your preference.

What People Are Saying

Customers are generally satisfied with this company’s products and services, but one interesting fact being said online about Wildflower is that it is a global operation. The CBD hemp is derived from raw materials in Europe before being imported to the U.S.. There, CBD is extracted using the CO2 method in Colorado, Kentucky, and Massachusetts, and lastly, the CBD oil is sent to WIldflower’s GMP facility in Bellingham, Washington for the last stages of production and packaging. This hardly leaves a small carbon footprint, given that we’re talking about a company with vegan products that takes pride in the sustainability promoted by their brand.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the company takes pride in that its people earnestly listen to their wellness-focused consumers. They also value the feedback they get via their cooperation with experienced health and retail professionals, so they are open to suggestions and there is room for improvement. 

Wildflower Review – Verdict

There are quite a few testimonials from customers on the Wildflower website, and almost everyone of them comments on the friendly and customer-focused manners of the company ―along with the praises on the efficacy of the products, the informative blog page and the aesthetically pleasing packaging.

However, we cannot ignore the aforementioned contradiction regarding their production methods, or the fact that this company has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Without this seal of approval, consumers are justified to be precautious. 

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