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CBD In the US: Where To Buy CBD Oil in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

The cannabis market has experienced massive growth in the past decade, with non-intoxicating CBD products being the best seller. Medical cannabis products have become a popular alternative to traditional medicine ―especially as far as relief from muscle pain, chronic pain and seizures are concerned. Numerous health professionals refer to CBD oil as a “wonder supplement,” given that it has been proven to offer significant health benefits in an organic, natural way, with minimal side effects. Residents of Columbus, Ohio can now get their CBD oil and other products from a few selected headshops in their city, as well as from online stores.
You can find out what some of the best-rated dispensaries are below.

Is CBD legal in the state of Ohio?

As of 2016, cannabis and CBD are considered to be legal in Ohio for medical use. Patients who suffer from an approved medical condition are eligible to obtain a medical recommendation for the use of medical cannabis and/or CBD. However, cannabis-derived CBD is not currently approved for recreational use, even if the percentage of psychoactive THC lies below the federal limit (.3%). In general, recreational cannabis is still currently classified as illegal in the state of Ohio ―though it has been decriminalized in the past few years.

Therefore, as long as the CBD products you purchase comply with the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018(otherwise known as the Farm Bill Act of 2018), you don’t need to worry about legal issues. With the Farm Bill Act, several cannabis products were removed from the Controlled Substances Act in early 2019. One of those products was industrial Hemp, the strain of Cannabis that CBD is extracted from ―again, you’re legal as long as the THC level does not exceed .3%!

Since the Farm Bill Act, Ohio’s largest cities such as Columbus, Akron, Cincinnati and Cleveland have seen a massive rise in the cannabis market, and CBD shops have been popping up all over the state. Nevertheless, you are advised to purchase your CBD from a licensed dispensary.

Best Online Shops That Ship to Columbus, Ohio

While visiting a physical store is an experience we’ve missed during the Covid-19 era, online shopping is a safe alternative. When shopping online, you’re more likely to find discounts and offers that would be hard to stumble upon shopping locally ―so, money-wise, it’s a win. Plus, it’s easier to fact-check company claims on their websites, where most stores also exhibit the lab reports for their products; this way, you get to feel more confident about the purchase you are about to make.
Columbus residents can view great offers for CBD products via Amazon, as well as plenty of other online shops shipping throughout the US to your city, such as the following:

Avid Hemp CBD

Located in Tampa, Florida, Avid Hemp runs their products through strict quality control, resulting in very attractive formulations; you can find great quality CBD oil at fair prices. This company’s products are manufactured in the company’s labs, and everything goes through rigorous testing to make sure that what you purchase is consistent and safe.

Palm Organix

Palm Organix™ services Columbus and the entire Columbus Metro Statistical Area, with a very satisfied customer base to show. This company offers free shipping on all orders, and you can also save 15% off your first order by signing up for their newsletter. They also have their fulfilment centre: they promise to handle your order with care and ship it to you as quickly as possible. As mentioned on their website, Palm Organix™ offers same-day shipping on all orders received on Monday through Friday before 3 PM EST!  Their quality CBD oil products are widely praised, along with their exemplary customer service and support.

Industrial Hemp Farms

Located in Colorado Springs, Industrial Hemp Farms is one of the best CBD online shops in the US. Their catalogue is backed by a wide selection of CBD, CBN, and CBG oils, as well as a vast array of products like hemp flower and pre-rolls, vape accessories, edibles and isolate, and others. Additionally, Industrial Hemp Farms offers bulk discounts and a wholesale option, an incredibly informative website and blog, and amazing prices for top-quality products.


Cannaflower boasts an interesting selection of CBD products, derived from excellent hemp grown in a small family-owned farm, using organic farming methods ―and with ultimate control over the entire process. This shop’s inventory features hemp flower and pre-rolls, along with single strain, full-spectrum CBD oil of great quality, at attractive prices. Also, the customer service team is incredibly helpful and available 24/7, while their ordering system features a 14-day satisfaction guarantee.
You can order online and get your delivery with free shipping for all orders over $75.

Best CBD Oil Shops in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, the state capital and the largest city of Ohio, offers a range of specialty shops, whether you’re a CBD enthusiast or a complete beginner. You can find top-rated headshops in Northwest Columbus, the University District and the area of Hillard, and probably in the years to come, the list of places you can find quality CBD oil is only going to expand!

Great Vapes

1294 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
Founded in 2014 and located in North Columbus, Great Vapes offers a premium experience in the CBD world, boasting a friendly and experienced staff, willing to help you with all your questions. The store offers an extensive selection of high-quality products, and CBD oil is one of them ―there is also vaping equipment, custom e-juice, etc. The people of Great Vapes focus on providing a custom, warm experience for their clients. According to owner Kevin Zuccaro, the objective of Great Vapes “is not geared toward maximizing the customers’ expense, but getting the most out of their experience and investment”.
Working hours:
Monday – Thursday 10 AM – 7 PM;
Friday – Saturday 10 AM – 8 PM;
Sunday 11 AM – 6 PM.

Your CBD Store

2042 Polaris Pkwy Columbus, OH 43240
Like this company’s other locations, Your CBD Store in Columbus specializes in premium CBD products like edibles, skincare topicals, as well as best-selling tinctures and water solubles. On their website, you can find lab reports for all products, while they take pride in offering top-notch herbal supplements, as a natural and holistic option.
Working hours:
Tuesday – Friday 10 AM – 7 PM;
Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM;
Sunday 11 AM – 4 PM;
Mondays Closed

Smoke House 

5439 Roberts Rd, Hilliard, OH 43026
Conveniently located outside the Columbus I-270 perimeter and established in 2015, Smoke House is another great headshop to get your CBD oil from. Boasting top-notch customer service and a wide variety of products and accessories (water pipes, e-cigarettes, e-juices, oil rigs, etc.), the store has seen an increase in popularity throughout the Columbus area in the past few years. Smoke House’s owner, Sam S. is referred to as quite passionate by his customers, who value his great service and enthusiasm.
Working hours:
Monday – Saturday 10 AM – 10 PM;
Sunday 11 AM – 9 PM.

High Up Head Shop

1434 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
High Up Head Shop specializes in premium CBD and Kratom products, with numerous reviews from satisfied customers praising its quality service. This dispensary boasts one of the most extensive catalogue of smoking equipment (hookahs, vaporizers, and water pipes) in Columbus. Whether you’re a novice or an aficionado, the people of High Up Head Shop will be pleased to help you navigate through their inventory and find the best CBD oil product for you.
Working hours:
Monday-Saturday 11 AM – 9 PM;
Sunday 12 PM – 9 PM.

CBD Pro Ohio

3756 Fishinger Blvd, Hillard, OH 43026
Located in the area of Hillard, CBD Pro Ohio is one of the leading CBD Shops in the city of Columbus. This dispensary specializes in high-quality, USA hemp-derived CBD tinctures, capsules and topicals, as well as vaping products, edibles and pet care products ―lab tested and sourced from the most prominent and trustworthy brands in the US.
Healthy Roots Hemp, Roots of Life CBD, Ignite, and Flora Sophia, are a few of the brands featured in CBD Pro Ohio, a store that emphasizes providing premium products via the best service for its loyal clientele. Plus, apart from their physical store, you can order online and ship throughout the country, with extra discounts and offers you can find on their website.

Working hours:

Monday – Saturday 11 AM – 7 PM;
Sundays Closed.

Additionally, you can also find quality CBD oil products featured in the inventory of selected grocery stores, like Lucky’s Market on 2770 N High St Columbus, OH 43202, or general health and wellness stores and centres, such as Embody Health & Wellness on 3716 Ridge Mill Dr Hilliard, OH 43026.

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