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VIVOSUN Grow Tent Review

If you want your plants to grow well, you can’t compromise on grow tents. Proper grow tents help you maintain the right environment your plants need to stay healthy. The VIVOSUN 4×4 grow tent is a highly-rated, quality product worth the price for the best growing results. Here is a VIVOSUN grow tent review with the detailed information you need to decide if it’s right for your growing activities.

About the VIVOSUN Brand

VIVOSUN is a well-established gardening brand with around 200 products. For over eight years, they’ve aimed to provide great customer service with their quality products. For this reason, they’ve earned best sellers rank on various sites, including Amazon’s VIVOSUN grow tent review from customer’s rankings.

VIVOSUN grow tents are durable and constructed with an all-metal frame strong enough to support hanging various lights and ventilation systems. Their poles can hold up to 110 pounds in weight. The tear-proof 600D Oxford cloth and heavy-duty zippers on the tent also prevent light leaks. The tents also have inside materials lined with a 98 percent reflective mylar that boosts light exposure to your plants.

VIVOSUN 4×4 Grow Tent Product Information

The VIVOSUN 4×4 grow tent comes with a quality frame and canvas materials as well as a floor tray, observation window, and two filter straps for hanging filters. The transparent observation window on the door makes it easy for you to observe your plants without entering the tent. The thick 600 density of the canvas has a good lifespan and prevents light leakage making it an effective long-term product. VIVOSUN has also lined the inside of the canvas with Mylar reflecting 98 percent of the light to the plants. This reflection allows you to maximize the light released from your grow lights.

This grow tent also has multiple features to maintain the right environment in your grow tent. It has double stitching to prevent air from escaping and multiple vents that are adjustable with drawstrings. By manually controlling the ventilation, it is easier to maintain the right temperature in your tent. Overall, the VIVOSUN 4×4 grow tent is an efficient and durable tent that can help you save energy costs.


  • Extra thick 600D Oxford fabric
  • Easy installation
  • Has a highly reflective mylar lining
  • Includes smooth zippers
  • Has an observation window
  • Includes a floor tray that’s easy to drain
  • Durable and strong enough to hang accessories
  • Saves energy costs
  • Great customer service


  • Observation window material may have light leakage even after coverage
  • Limited amount of plants due to size
  • Some competitors provide longer warranties

Warranty Information

VIVOSUN provides a one-year warranty guaranteed on their products. They also provide great customer service and respond to questions about problems within 24 hours. For customers who received damaged packaging upon delivery, VIVOSUN actively reaches out to them to resolve the issues.

How Many Plants Can You Fit in The 4×4 Grow Tent

Including space for a humidifier, you will be able to fit approximately four plants in 3- to 5-gallon pots. Depending on the size of your humidifier, you can potentially fit six to eight plants in 3-gallon pots.

Specifications Overview

Assembled Product Size48 x 48 x 80 inches
Package Dimensions48 x 11.3 x 7.4 inches
Item Weight29.1 pounds
VentsTwo 11.8″ x 6″ Pre-Filter Air Vents
Interior MaterialMylar 98% Reflective
Exterior Material600D Oxford fabric
Ducting PortsTwo 4-inch ports or Five 8-inch ports
Spill TrayIncludes 1
Filter StrapsIncludes 2

Assembling Your VIVOSUN Grow Tent

When you purchase a grow tent from VIVOSUN, you will have to assemble it yourself. However, the installation process is easy and takes about 15 to 30 minutes for one person to complete. The package will come with an instruction manual and all the following necessary accessories for assembly:

  • 4×4 grow tent
  • A removable floor tray
  • Frame structure, including poles and cornering clips
  • Carbon filter belts

You will start by setting up the frame with metal poles that have tool-free connectors. Next, unzip all the zippers on the canvas and cover the metal frame. The metal is sturdy and won’t bend or snap even when you pull them into the canvas. After placing the canvas, attach the spill tray to the bottom of the metal posts, then install the hanging poles on top. VIVOSUN also provides a short video that shows the steps to complete the assembly.

In addition to your grow tent, you want to make sure you purchase a grow light that’s a suitable size for a 4×4 tent. Usually, two LED grow lights with around 600 watts of power that spread light uniformly throughout the grow space are optimal. Additionally, you can get a VIVOSUN grow light wing reflector kit.

You will need to maintain the right environment in the grow tent, including the humidity levels and temperatures. A humidifier can help maintain humidity. You may also consider installing a fan in the grow tent to ensure proper circulation. A fan can prevent mold and powdery mildew from growing on your plants. For a 4×4 grow tent, a 6-inch fan rated for approximately 200cfm will be enough to cover the entire 106 cubic feet of the tent. The VIVOSUN 4×4 grow tent allows you to hook inline fans right up to the ventilation ducts. To eliminate odors and pungent smells from your plants, you should purchase a fan with a carbon filter.

Other products that can be useful for your growing activities include a grow bag and soil tester. Grow bags with good air circulation and drainage can help your plants develop strong, fibrous roots that keep them healthy. Soil testers measure the health of your soil by telling you the pH level. This process can help you pinpoint nutrient deficiencies when taking care of your plants.


Overall the VIVOSUN 4×4 grow tent is a great size and quality product that provides energy cost savings. This tent makes observing and maintaining the right environment for your plants easy. It also comes with great amenities. If you have about four to eight plants in 3-gallon pots, this VIVOSUN grow tent review provides all the information you need to justify a purchase.

VIVOSUN 4x4 Grow Tent


Build Quality









  • Extra thick 600D Oxford fabric
  • Easy installation
  • Has a highly reflective mylar lining
  • Includes smooth zippers
  • Includes a floor tray that's easy to drain


  • Observation window material may have light leakage even after coverage
  • Limited amount of plants due to size
  • Short warranty

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