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An Honest Review of Tweedle Farms

Tweedle Farms is a company located in Northwest Oregon, cultivating hemp of the highest quality and providing customers with premium CBD products. Rumored to be one of the best hemp brands in the U.S., they make you wonder: are those rumors actually true?

The Company History

During 2016, in the northwestern town of Jewell, just outside of Portland, James Green joined fellow gardener Jason Evans and together they founded Tweedle Farms. It took about two years for the brand to really take off, and in 2018 they had developed a cult following of customers already praising Tweedle Farms’ products and spreading the word. Of course, this led to a huge increase in sales and recognition for the brand throughout the USA.

Nowadays on Tweedle Farms’ grounds occupying about 10 acres, new projects are being researched and the founders invest in new expansion ideas. Some of these include new fields along with an additional greenhouse, as well as state of the art irrigation systems, which allow for the company to increase the annual supply for their buyers, and score an even bigger popularity gain!


Tweedle Farms offers free shipping for orders over $45.00, as well as a tracking system so you can look up your order’s status and know when to expect it. On their official website, the company states that it usually takes up to two business days to process the transactions, and that for any delay, the delivery company is usually to blame.

As stated on the website’s FAQ tab, the personnel are happy to answer any questions about shipping, though due to high demand, it often takes at least seven business days for them to get back to you ―so make sure to schedule ahead. However, even if your order takes a while to arrive, freshness is perfectly maintained using vacuum-sealed Mylar bags.

Tweedle Farms ships throughout the U.S.; however, it’s up to you to be aware of the legislation in your area regarding cannabis products. Nevertheless, the company features a discrete packaging system, and even if something goes wrong, each package contains an informative letter addressed to law enforcement, along with authoritative lab results. 

Product Line

The top-sellers of Tweedle Farms are the hemp flowers, small buds and pre-rolled joints. The CBD-rich hemp flower supplied by this company has less than the legal 0.3% of THC (the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol that causes the ‘high’), but you’ll get an appearance and aroma similar to marijuana. 

If you like smoking and are in for a quality, full-flavor hemp experience, Tweedle Farms’ hemp is a great option for you; the final product contains a complimentary mix of secondary flavonoids and terpenes, bringing the flower to a whole other level. There are nine different strains to choose from, such as Remedy, Kush Hemp, White CBG and others, starting from prices as low as $6.00! 

If you’re into joints but don’t care for rolling your own, then you’re in luck; the pre-rolls are an excellent choice for you! Tweedle Farms currently offers six pre-rolls at extremely low prices. You can try a Pineberry, a Sour Space Candy or a Suver Haze roll and spend no more than $7.00!

Of course, apart from the smoking experience, Tweedle Farms features a wide arrangement of products. There is an impressive selection of concentrates like CBD vape cartridges and wax, along with your classic CBD oils, as well as a very interesting variety of topicals. The topicals range boasts products like plain or lavender CBD muscle rub, transdermal spray and lip balm, lotion, massage oil and even a collection of four different bath bombs

Additionally, there are shakes to incorporate into meals, and edibles like gummies and sublingual tablets, at prices reaching up to $65.00. Plus, there’s the option of purchasing a gift box in every category, if you want to try a sample of each product, or be the favourite present-bearer friend!

Furthermore, it’s good to know that even though their hemp is not certified organic, Tweedle Farms assures its customers that they avoid using any kind of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

What People Are Saying

Tweedle Farms is popular because of their great products ―especially their highly recommended range of topicals, effective for pain relief and relaxation.

However, they’re also applauded for supplying premium quality hemp products at accessible rates, and praised for providing excellent service and customer support. The clients love the company’s tracking system that allows them to follow their orders, and the clever packaging that includes information and the necessary lab results for every item. 


On the rather informative official website of Tweedle Farms, some gift certificates and even a reward point system are available! Plus, you can join the company’s email list, and they will keep you up to date on everything new CBD related, along with discounts and sales. To welcome new customers, there is a one-time-available Tweedle Farms newsletter code offering you 15% off of your order ―just for signing up!

Check out this page for other discounts. 


The people of Tweedle Farms are deemed knowledgeable on all things CBD, and their objective is their customers’ satisfaction. 

The only drawbacks are the lack of a wholesale option and the fact that no international shipping is available. Also, you have to take the company’s word for the organic nature of their products, as they are not certified. 

Supreme quality hemp, cultivated and distributed throughout the U.S.; this is definitely a CBD brand to try! 

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