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Spider Farmer LED Grow Light Overview

Quantum board grow lights are a big hit with their high intensity and efficiency. While you used to have to pay the big bucks for them, budget brands now also offer quantum boards with Samsung technology. One of them is Spider Farmer. A brand that’s gaining popularity in comparison to other big hitters like Mars Hydro.

If you’re curious about purchasing a Spider Farmer LED grow light for your horticulture activities, you’ll want to understand more about the brand. In this Spider Farmer LED grow light review we cover who they are, what customers are saying, the products they offer, and more. Let’s find out if their cost savings are worth it.  

About The Spider Farmer Brand

Spider Farmer was founded in 2009 and is a Chinese home agricultural product brand. However, they have headquarters in Alhambra, California, and warehouses on multiple continents. This global reach allows them to deliver and fix products quickly for customers.  

Spider Farmer also ensures their products feature the best lighting available by partnering with Samsung for top-of-the-line diodes. All their LED grow light boards are also made out of aluminum. Besides grow lights, the brand also has a wide selection of other products, including farming tents, carbon filters, lighting fixtures, and other plant-related accessories. 

Warranty Information

Spider Farmer offers a 5-year limited warranty for LED grow lights. This warranty includes the following coverage based on the number of months or years after the purchase:

  • Up to 30 days: free return or replacement in cases of non-artificial damage 
  • 3 months to 1 year: free accessories, repairs, and services. Return or replacements are only available with quality problems. 
  • 1 year to 5 years: free accessories. Buyers must pay the maintenance fee and two shipping costs. 

Consumer Spider Farmer LED Grow Light Review

Spider Farmer is a popular brand among their repeat customers. From germination to flowering, the available full spectrum LED grow lights meet every stage of plant growth. The brand even boasts an Instagram following of over 12.5K people. Their frequent hosting of giveaways and sales definitely helps these numbers. But what are people actually saying about their products? 

One of the main positive reviews for Spider Farmer mentions how their products deliver more lighting output with fewer energy requirements. Examples of other comments include:

  • Has built-in UV and IR 
  • Super adaptable, clean, sleek, and affordable
  • Even coverage with no hot spots
  • More efficient and more powerful with high quality LED tech

But this doesn’t mean negatives don’t exist. Some common complaints among consumers include:

  • Chinese brand is a turnoff to some growers
  • Fixtures do not have any internal fans to help dissipate heat
  • LED lights can get too hot 
  • Most products aren’t UL certified 

Spider Farmer Product Information

SF-600 Veg 

Spider Farmer LED grow Light SF-600

With the SF-600 you get a full spectrum grow light featuring 384 OSRAM LED diodes. It’s great for starting seeds, seedling stages, vegetative growth stage, and propagating succulents and other houseplants. The light is also very versatile, meaning you can hang it vertically or horizontally depending on the size of your plant and the structure of your grow space. The package comes with a user manual, grow light, power cord, AC/DC adapter, and light hangers for easy installation. 


  • Dimensions | 39.4 x 5.9 x 1.4 inches
  • Weight | 4.1 pounds
  • Actual Watts | 74 watts
  • HID Equiv | 120 watts
  • Coverage | 2 x 4 feet
  • Bloom PAR | 166.81 umol/s


  • Very lightweight
  • More energy efficient compared to T5 bulbs
  • Very quiet when running 
  • Great for rectangular coverage
  • Doesn’t put off a lot of heat 


  • No dimming function
  • Cannot be daisy-chained with other lights
  • Not water resistant 
  • Not great for a flowering plant 


The full spectrum SF-2000 LED grow light from Spider Farmer features high-end Samsung LM301 diodes with high power effectiveness. Not only can you expect higher quality yields, but the light is forgiving for beginners. It’s made from lightweight aluminum, is fairly water-resistant, offers low heat output, and runs quietly. 

The package comes with a user manual, a 2-meter power cord, two stainless steel hanger hooks, and two adjustable rope hangers. The light also has daisy-chain capabilities, including the ability to control multiple lights with one dimming box or controller.


  • Dimensions | 25.5 x 10.5 x 2.3 inches
  • Weight | 6.76 pounds
  • Actual Watts | 202 watts
  • HID Equiv | 350 watts
  • Coverage | up to 3 x 4 feet
  • Bloom PAR | 527 umol/s 


  • High-end Samsung Diodes
  • Meanwell Driver Technology 
  • Dimmable knob feature
  • Very low heat output
  • Can be used for all growth stages
  • Lower running costs
  • Higher quality yields


  • Diodes are sensitive and light is fragile
  • Must wear eye protection when working around it

SF 7000

One of Spider Farmer’s most powerful grow lights available, the SF 7000 provides an option for grow spaces of 5 x 5 feet or larger. Some of the new features you can expect compared to other SE models include Seoul Semiconductor diodes, an Inventronics driver, an extended power cord, and a detachable driver. For easy storage, the light also folds in half.


  • Dimensions | 32.4 x 18 x 5.25 inches
  • Weight | 28.6 pounds
  • Actual Watts | 650 watts
  • HID Equiv | 900 watts
  • Coverage | 5 x 5 feet
  • Bloom PAR | 1786 umol/s


  • Large coverage area
  • Seoul Semiconductor diodes
  • IR and UV LED diodes
  • Dimmable knob feature
  • Daisy-chain connects up to 15 lights
  • Can be used for all growth stages


  • Red intensity could be higher
  • Must wear eye protection when working around it

SE 5000

If you prefer grow lights with bar designs, you’ll want to check out Spider Farmer’s SE series. Bar designs spread light evenly across the canopy and the SE-5000 has sidebars closer together to maintain light intensity even at the sides of your tent. This is a 480-watt model with removable drivers and Samsung LM301B diodes. 


  • Dimensions | 34.4 x 33.9 x 3.7 inches
  • Weight | 28.9 pounds
  • Actual Watts | 480 watts
  • HID Equiv | 700 watts
  • Coverage | 4 x 4 feet
  • Bloom PAR | 1333 umol/s


  • Samsung LM301B diodes
  • Great for all stages of plant growth 
  • Daisy-chain capabilities
  • Includes IR and UV LED spectrum 
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Bar style design 


  • Quite heavy when mounting driver to light
  • Plastic ratchet hangers 

Spider Farmer LED Grow Light Review Conclusion 

Whether you want something for vegetative plants only or a full spectrum grows light with dimmable function, Spider Farmer has a range of LED grow lights to choose from. The prices are also reasonable for beginners or professionals alike. The Chinese brand association may put some people off, but their partnership with Samsung offers some quality diodes that a lot of customers are happy with. Add on the decent warranty coverage and there’s little risk in trying out their products. 

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