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Spectrum King LED SK602 Review

Spectrum King LED SK602 Grow lights contribute significantly to the health and growth rate of your plants. Our Spectrum King LED review on the SK602 model allows you to make an informed decision on whether this grow light is the best option for you.

About The Spectrum King Brand

Spectrum King aims to provide value to customers by making the most efficient LED grow lights without losing quality or reliability. They are designed using IP65 ratings and are recognized by the international standard designating products fit for use in humid and wet conditions. Few companies qualify for this certification. The IP65 compliance also means you can spray in your canopies without damaging the light’s internal components. Spectrum King is a better-known brand for commercial-level grow companies. However, the product quality makes them a good choice for anyone wanting to improve their cloning process.

Spectrum King LED SK602 Product Information

The Spectrum King LED SK602 grow light is safety certified, and IP65 rated, making it fit for wet or humid conditions. It also has a low 7-inch profile, meaning it can easily fit into an indoor or outdoor grow space. The product comes with eye-hooks for hanging and a 9-foot 120V or 240V power cord. The Spectrum King LED SK602 is an ideal replacement for 1000W to 1200W Double Ended MH or HPS bulbs. It uses only a fraction of electricity and minimizes heat, meaning you can save over 60 percent on energy costs. You can see a return on investment in less than a year if you have a small grow, and up to 18 months if you have a commercial operation. Spectrum King promotes their LED SK602 grow light as the brightest LED grow light available. It also has proven results by providing more square feet of coverage than other LED grow lights in the market.


  • Bright intensity.
  • Efficient heatsinks lowering ambient room temperature.
  • IP65 rated for humid and wet conditions.
  • Extensive coverage.
  • Can be used for vegetative and flowering growth without switching modes.
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use,
  • 92% efficient and saves on energy costs.


  • Expensive.
  • Size not suitable for small setups.
  • Some mixed reviews on light intensity without reflectors.
  • Manual dimmer must be purchased separately.

Warranty Information

The Spectrum King LED SK602 grow light comes with a dual warranty deal. With regular use, the lights are guaranteed to maintain 90% or better output for 3 years. You also get a 5-year mechanical warranty on all the parts and labor costs.

You can purchase a Spectrum King LED SK600 with or without a reflector. If it doesn’t have a reflector, you can purchase the 120 or 90 Degree Reflector Kit for SK600. Reflectors help get light to your plants efficiently and spread the light evenly over the plants.

You can also choose to purchase a manual dimmer add-on. This product lets you turn the power down to as low as 10 percent when you want to reduce the light intensity. Generally, using a dimmer will not impact the full spectrum output. Additionally, you might want to consider a grow tent, depending on where you plan to set up.

Spectrum King LED SK602 Review

Specifications Overview

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Spectrum King LED Grow Light Review: How the SK602 Helps Your Plant

The Spectrum King SK602 LED grow light emits a full spectrum of light, meaning it mimics natural sunlight. This white light allows your plants to undergo natural photorespiration. While plants need red and blue light wavelengths for photosynthesis, oversaturating them with these two lights can lead to underproduced plants. A full spectrum of light allows them to intake nutrients efficiently, leading to:

  • Healthier growth
  • Sturdier plants
  • Increased yields

How to Hang Your Spectrum King LED SK602 Grow Light

A standard rope ratchet will easily hold Spectrum King LED grow lights. However, the carabiner may be too small to fit the lights, so Spectrum King recommends using the attached “S” hook to hang the light easily. You can use the center ring to hang the light or use the additional bracket to hang the grow light at any angle. The position of your grow light will also determine the coverage area of the light. The higher you raise your light, the greater coverage area you get. However, it also decreases the light intensity. You want to ensure you find the right balance of intensity and coverage for your plants. Depending on the type of plant, the following coverage is recommended:

  • Flowering plants: between 16 to 25 square feet, or 4×4 to 5×5 feet.
  • Vegetative plants: between 36 to 64 square feet, or 6×6 to 8×8 feet.

Different placement heights will accomplish the recommended coverage. For vegetative plants, hang it between 36 to 48 inches from your plants. For flowering plants, hang it at least 28 inches from your plants. Also, note that the type of reflector on your light (90 degrees or 120 degrees) will impact the height required for coverage. A 120 degrees reflector will have greater coverage at lower heights compared to a 90 degrees reflector.


This Spectrum King LED review aims to help you feel confident when purchasing your Spectrum King SK602 LED grow light. While the price can be hefty, it is an efficient product that allows you to save money in the long term and contains many features optimal for growing healthy plants.

Spectrum King LED SK602


Build Quality




Ease Of Use







  • Quality heatsinks
  • Full spectrum
  • IP certification
  • Can be used for vegetative and flowering growth without switching modes.


  • Expensive
  • Bulky
  • Dimmer must be purchased separately

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