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Secret Jardin DP90 Review

Propagation is an important first step for your growing activities. This Secret Jardin DP90 review explains how this dark propagator product helps you germinate and raise seedlings for healthier plants that produce better yields. It’s perfect for a small indoor space and built to last. Read on to learn more about the product specifications, how to assemble it, and more so that you can make an informed decision on your next propagation purchase. 

About the Secret Jardin Brand

Secret Jardin created the company in 2006 and specializes in indoor grow tents for beginners and professionals. They designed their grow tents with various characteristics for hobby, professional, expert, or propagation. Their expert team is passionate about indoor culture and design, develop, and manufacture each product intended to increase your growing yields. 

The company has headquarters in Manage, Belgium. However, you can purchase their products from 5 continents through the resellers in their network. The range of their products goes beyond grow tents, including:

  • Lighting 
  • Ventilation ducts
  • Monkey fans
  • Accessories such as removable water trays
  • Tent repair kit
  • Spare parts

Secret Jardin DP90 Production Information

The Dark Propagator (DP) 90 is a waterproof indoor tent with a double-flap zipper to increase its air-proof quality. The fabric is lined with 95% reflective mylar to improve light distribution and increase light intensity. The advised extraction are as follows:

  • Flow (every 1-2 mins): 30 m3/h
  • Grow (every 2-4mins): 14 m3/h

The DP90 has strong equipment tubes and is intended to last you for years. The PATCHIT accessory also allows you to change the location of your Ducting Flange by just patching up the hole created. You can also use it to repair snags and tears in your tent.

Do note that this product is intended for propagation and is small enough to fit into small spaces. However, it is low to the ground. You will need a different tent for full grows. Suppose you want to increase the number of plants you are propagating. In that case, you can purchase an additional DP90 to stack on top of each other. Some people have also purchased this dark tent for other purposes, including doubling up as a dark room. 


  • Includes high reflective mylar
  • Fits small spaces
  • Transverse venting windows system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Washable cover material inside and out 
  • Well designed with resistant materials


  • Metal clips aren’t as effective
  • Not ideal for full grow 
  • Zipper can leak light with older versions

Secret Jardin DP90 Accessories

Purchasing your DP90 tent comes with various accessories to support your growing activities. These include:

  • Water Tray – 1x 90.60
  • Ducting Flange – 2x support,1x connector, and 1x light baffle
  • Cable flange – 1x single sock 
  • 15x CableIT
  • Clips for cables and nets 
  • PATCHIT to repair your tent 

Accessories that are not included in your purchase, but are recommended as add-ons include a rubber duct for ventilation and metal grid for additional support and reinforcement. The tent is also compatible with up to 2 x 77 Rockwool cube trays and 40 x 60 x 2.5 cm Hydro-Trays. You can also purchase additional monkey fans, to improve ventilation in your tent. 

Warranty Information 

Secret Jardin’s protects all their products with a commercial guarantee. Tents have warranties against defects in materials and workmanship for 2.5 years from the manufacture date or 2 years from the purchase date. The company will repair or replace the product without charge. 

Suppose you bought a Secret Jardin product from a retailer. In that case, the retailer will gather the information and process the credit note or product replacement. You need to send the following information to your retailer to request after-sales service:

  • Product name and description
  • Description of the issues, including pictures of the damage
  • Manufacturing code picture
  • Date of the production picture
  • Proof of purchase

Specifications Overview 

BrandSecret Jardin
Dimensions90cm x 60cm x 98cm
Tent Volume0.5m3
HandlingUp to 10kg on a single bar and 20kg per tent
Tent MaterialCanvas M210D
Pole MaterialQ195 Chrome Plated
Lighting Advised2x TLED 26W
Accessories IncludedCable flange, cableit, patchit, ducting flange, water tray

Assembling Your Secret Jardin DP90 Grow Tent 

A great perk about the DP90 is that it’s easy and quick to assemble once you receive your product. It fits perfectly in a 3-feet wide space. The tent is also strong enough to stack two for double the footprint size. While the product comes with one water tray, you can easily purchase more to fit 3 trays at the bottom. There is also an optional configuration to add a shelf to your tent.  Watch the video below for a sample of how you can set up and assemble your purchased DP90. 


While you might want a bigger grow tent for full grow, Secret Jardin designed the DP90 for propagation purposes in small indoor spaces. It’s a reasonably priced product that gets the job done to ensure you have higher yields for your propagated plants. It also comes with a decent warranty and plenty of accessories with the purchase or that you can add-on from the Secret Jardin brand. The Secret Jardin is on the pricier side but still much more affordable than other brands, especially with the quality you receive. With this review, you can make an informed decision on whether this Secret Jardin product is your best next purchase. 

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