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Fair Flowers — A Review Of Pure Hemp Farms 

Fair Flowers, Or A Big Failure? — A Review Of Pure Hemp Farms 

Within less than a decade, smokable hemp has gone from relative obscurity to a fashionable health trend. As the demand for CBD hemp reaches new all-time highs, plenty of farms have begun adding hemp flowers to their crop rotation. However, many current “hemp farmers” didn’t know anything about this plant until the 2018 US Farm Bill passed. Unfortunately, since the hemp industry is so new, there are significant discrepancies between each company’s products. Finding high-quality hemp flowers at an affordable price can take a fair amount of time and research. 

Pure Hemp Farms is one of the few hemp retailers that opened before the 2018 US Farm Bill. These extra years of experience may give Pure Hemp Farms a competitive advantage in the CBD field. If you’ve contemplated ordering from Pure Hemp Farms’ eCommerce site, you may be interested to know more about the company’s history, products, and performance. 

Pure Hemp Farms — A Quick Company Overview

Pure Hemp Farms traces its origins to 2015 when it began cultivating CBD hemp near Medford, Oregon. Currently, the company claims to own acres of farmland in the fertile Rogue Valley region. Even before the 2018 US Farm Bill passed, Pure Hemp Farms offered top-tier high-CBD products to customers in states with legal marijuana laws. 

Of course, now that hemp is legal throughout North America, Pure Hemp Farms has expanded its operations. Although this company has “gone national” thanks to its eCommerce platform, it hasn’t forgotten its founding principles. First and foremost, Pure Hemp Farms promises only to offer customers the cleanest hemp imaginable. This means zero pesticides, insecticides, or harsh chemicals. Every bud that goes through Pure Hemp Farms must be organic and sustainably grown. 

Pure Hemp Farms also places a heavy emphasis on sending its products to third-party labs for screenings. You should always receive a Certificate of Analysis (COA) with your hemp products to verify their purity. These test results will also show total cannabinoid percentages, including CBD and delta-9 THC.

As a federally compliant hemp-based business, Pure Hemp Farms only sells products with ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC.  

What Could You Buy On Pure Hemp Farms? 

Most of Pure Hemp Farms’ online catalog is devoted to its CBD-rich hemp flowers. Currently, there are just under ten different CBD hybrids to choose from, each of which is sold in sizes ranging from 3.5 g – 25 g. The company’s most popular hemp hybrids are as follows:

Pure Hemp Farms offers all of the above strains in raw flower and pre-roll forms. The company also sells CBD vape carts, but these are only available in three flavors: Gorilla Glue, Granddaddy Purple, and Jack Herer. For extra fun, Pure Hemp Farms also sells a CBD-infused dark chocolate bar in its edibles category. 

For those who like to experiment with lesser-known hemp cannabinoids, Pure Hemp Farms has a growing assortment of delta-8 THC options. There are now at least six delta-8 flowers and over a dozen delta-8 vape carts on Pure Hemp Farms’ website. Most of these products draw inspiration from iconic marijuana strains like Durban Poison, GSC, and Blue Dream. 

Although Pure Hemp Farms’ CBG options are limited, it does sell the CBG-rich strain Jack Frost in its flower catalog. 

By the way, if you want to learn more about the famous Elektra strain, please check out our previous review.

How Good Is Pure Hemp Farms’ Shipping & Returns?

Strangely, Pure Hemp Farms doesn’t have official shipping info on its website. However, most customers claim the company ships items within 1 – 2 business days after receiving payment. You should get a USPS tracking number to your email address once your product is in the mail. If you opted for standard shipping, expect your package to arrive within 3 – 5 business days. 

In Pure Hemp Farms’ Terms of Service, the company claims to accept returns on a case-by-case basis. If you are going to order from Pure Hemp Farms, please know there’s no “money-back guarantee” if you don’t like their products. Generally, the company will only issue refunds if there was a shipping error or damage to your product. 

Does Pure Hemp Farms Offer Special Deals? 

When you first visit Pure Hemp Farms’ website, you’ll notice this company offers free shipping on all purchases over $100. As you try to leave the website, you’ll also see a pop-up ad saying you can enter your email for a 10 percent reduction on your first purchase. 

Other than these two prominent deals, Pure Hemp Farms doesn’t offer any loyalty rewards programs at this time. However, fans of Pure Hemp Farms should follow the company on social media for the latest updates on special sales. 

How Do You Reach Out To Pure Hemp Farms?

There are two ways you could get in touch with Pure Hemp Farms: email or phone. Customers will find a convenient “Contact Us” page on Pure Hemp Farms’ website with a standard messaging feature. If you’d prefer to talk with a customer care rep, then you could call (541) 916-3097 any day from 9 AM – 5 PM. Please remember that Pure Hemp Farms is based in Oregon, so it’s on Pacific Standard Time. 

Does Pure Hemp Farms Have A Good Online Rating? 

To be honest, there’s not a ton of reviews for Pure Hemp Farms online. However, most of the ratings on external websites are positive. There are also a few YouTube videos that give Pure Hemp Farms’ pre-rolls a solid rating. 

However, there is one Reddit thread that calls Pure Hemp Farms’ quality standards into question. A few Redditors suggest Pure Hemp Farms’ lab reports have been tampered with in the past. To date, Pure Hemp Farms hasn’t addressed this controversy directly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. 

Hopefully, as more people try Pure Hemp Farms, we will have more unbiased reviews to gauge this company’s pros & cons. At this point, however, we could only say most of the online reviews for Pure Hemp Farms are positive. 

Should You Feel Safe Ordering From Pure Hemp Farms? 

Pure Hemp Farms may not be the biggest name in the CBD industry, but it seems to be a legitimate hemp retailer. The company has a user-friendly website with a decent variety of hemp flowers and vape carts. Pure Hemp Farms also offers transparent third-party lab reports with every order to help customers track the purity of their products. Pure Hemp Farms seems to be a reputable choice if you’re most interested in smokable or vapeable hemp products—especially CBD or delta-8 THC. 

Not interested in Pure Hemp Farms products? If so, you may find a company that better suits your style on our honest CBD brand reviews page. Please take your time reading through all the exhaustive CBD research our team has compiled on Hemp CBD Exchange. 

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