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An Honest Review of Plain Jane CBD

plain jane review

Plain Jane is a high quality CBD brand located in the U.S.A., that boasts a collection of excellent hemp flower and pre-rolls along with oils, topicals, edibles and accessories, to provide you the ultimate CBD experience. Read our Plain Jane review for more information.

The Company

Plain Jane prides itself on having top quality CBD flower products at amazing prices. From the premium CBD strains to the most affordable samples, the company ensures to satisfy even the most demanding customer, exceeding all expectations.

For example, even though some claim that taste is a big part of the CBD experience, Plain Jane’s goal is to provide an option for everyone. Hence, they remove the terpenes and toxins from their hemp, so that the flower is odorless, ensuring that the final product can be enjoyed anywhere that you would not mind being seen smoking a common cigarette.


You can place your order on Plain Jane’s official website and have products shipped to you throughout the USA, except for the state of Idaho. Of course, given that most of the best products the company offers are of hemp flower, an update on the hemp and CBD legislation concerning your location might be worth getting before you make a purchase.

Plain Jane CBD also offers a wholesale option for interested vendors, with amazing discounts available.

Product Line

Plain Jane offers a wide selection of hemp flower in a variety of strains, each with its own different flavor ―even though there isn’t much of a smell, enabling you to enjoy smoking quite discreetly. Sizes start at 3.5g and reach up to 1 lb of cannabis, while the prices remain approachable. Of course, you can view the CBD percentage on the product’s description, so you know how much you’re getting.

There is also a vast array of pre-rolls. Joints, leaf CBD blunts and menthol hemp pre-rolls, among others, all in perfectly reasonable prices (for example, the “Caviar” joints are $9.99 each). However, smoking isn’t for everyone, and fortunately Plain Jane offers a few alternatives, such as gummies, each containing 25mg of CBD and a natural, mixed berry flavor.

Additionally, there is a selection of oils and topicals. As far as oils are concerned, you can choose between full-spectrum and isolate, in prices varying between $25.99 and $35.99. The topicals, including a body butter and a salve, start from $15.00.

Plain Jane also features CBD concentrates in a selection of options ranging from shatter to powder and crumble, with prices reaching up to $25.99.

What People Are Saying

Plain Jane CBD features a customers’ Reviews tab, featuring TrustPilot, making the buyers’ honest opinions part of their brand. The website mentions that the company takes pride in having the best customer service to address any problems.

Most importantly, Plain Jane CBD has achieved popularity among a whole sub-market of certain buyers. The company’s odorless, gentle strains are incredibly popular with CBD users of low tolerance; they can enjoy all the benefits, excluding all the parts they don’t find satisfying.


The company provides free shipping all through the U.S. (minimum purchase requirement of only $30). Plain Jane CBD also has a newsletter to which customers are able to sign up so as to get the latest updates and sale information in their inbox.

Plain Jane Review – Verdict

One of the highlights of Plain Jane CBD is that the company uses hemp grown in all American soil, mainly in Southern Oregon farms. The hemp is grown under strict governmental regulations, while the brand uses sustainable farming practices.

Furthermore, Plain Jane is adamant about keeping their quality products at affordable rates, contrary to the general rule that marks most CBD products as pricey. This company achieves this objective and maintains it: smaller hemp flower quantities can go for as little as $11!

Except for the low prices, there is also the informative side of the company that loves to be precise and rule-abiding: the products’ description contains a certificate of analysis, including the hemp flower. It is safe to assume that Plain Jane has an excellent reputation, and this enables their customers to feel perfectly confident with their choice.

Of course, as we mentioned above, one of the most prominent features of Plain Jane CBD is the discrete nature that lies in the lack of odor, as far as hemp products are concerned. The pre-rolls don’t emit the all too well known, pungent odor of cannabis. This is amazing both for low tolerance and discrete users, and it’s our favourite highlight of the company, and its most interesting feature. If you belong in these categories, Plain Jane is definitely your kind of brand!

To sum up, Plain Jane CBD is a high rated, premium distributor that offers top quality products at affordable prices. Boasting a wide range of strains and preparations and offering pre-rolls, edibles, oils and various accessories to accompany the products, Plain Jane is a trustworthy brand. Their innovation on the odorlessness is really clever, their hemp flower is top notch, and their informative and easy on the eyes packaging is a display of their interest in their customers, and of their mindfulness.

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