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An Honest Review of PhytoDabs

PhytoDabs is part of PhytoFamily, one of the most promising hemp brands that have emerged within the past decade. This company offers a very interesting selection of premium quality hemp-derived CBD, CBG and CBT products, all containing less than the legal limit of 0.3% of THC. From vapes and oils to topicals and edibles, all items are available at competitive prices and attractive packaging, along with certifications and test results.

PhytoDabs/PhytoFamily has received a lot of positive feedback and already has a lot of devoted customers to show, owing to their top-notch products, amazing customer support and informative website.

But let’s look into the brand in detail. 

The Company

Operating since 2015 and located in Tucson, Arizona, PhytoFamily/PhytoDabs is a company that focuses on being transparent, informative, and dedicated to the best service for their customers. As can be seen from their website, they make sure to inform potential buyers about everything related to their products, from cannabinoid percentages and potencies to fully disclosed lab test results ―and they feature a very helpful blog page as well.

All of their hemp products are lab-tested and come from high-CBD hemp cultivated in the state of Colorado, from within the PhytoFamily farms’ network. The products have no added terpenes, and all fall within the legal 0.3% THC limit.

PhytoFamily is committed to the research, advance and development of quality hemp products, and they believe in transparency and dedication, never compromising quality in favour of affordability. However, the rates remain approachable, especially taking into consideration the potency of the products. 

PhytoFamily offers an attractive, extensive selection of products to choose from, with a genuine guarantee and a fair return policy. 

Shipping and Offers

PhytoFamily ships across the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico, and offers free shipping for all orders exceeding $50, using USPS Priority Mail; however, this does not apply to you if you’re buying wholesale ―you can fill out a form for reselling PhytoDabs products. As stated on the company website, orders ship out in 3 business days, unless otherwise noted during a Pre-Sale.

If you’re not satisfied and want to return an item, you can contact the customer service and they will issue you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number so that you can ship your item back and request a refund; of course, shipping charges are your responsibility in that case. 

PhytoFamily often features sales, offers various deals as well as discount codes, of which you can only use one at a time. Plus, if you have any Gift Cards, you can redeem it by entering the code of the card during checkout.

And should you forget to add a product before finalizing your purchase, there’s no need to worry. If you place another order within 8 hours, the company will combine the orders and save you from additional shipping charges, as they state on their website. 

Furthermore, PhytoDabs offers a membership option. Members of the PhytoFamily get 20% off, free shipping on all orders, and early access to limited releases of products. You can choose a plan between $34.99 for three months, $64.99 for six months, and $99.99 to last you a whole year. 

Product Line

On PhytoDabs.com you can view a wide array of CBG, CBD, CBT and CBC products, derived from organically grown hemp. You can browse between dabs, drops and capsules, isolate, vapes, topicals and bath bombs, as well as honey and even CBD for pets. Plus, there’s also an option of CBD clothing, and some bundle deals, if you want to treat one of your friends or are not sure what to choose.

All products are priced accordingly, and you can view the complete lab test results for each and every item, along with other helpful information about their cultivation, production, and correct use. 

Among PhytoFamily’s impressive catalogue, the dabs are a popular choice: there are many brands to choose from, like Lune Laboratories and Umami Vape, along with products such as the Moloka’i Purpz 99% High Terpene CBD Isolate, or the Butterscotch, and other offers by the PhytoDabs brand. Prices range from $44.99 up to $79.99 per gram, and you can choose between jars of 500mg and 1000mg to purchase.

If you’re interested in drops, tinctures and oils, PhytoDabs offers a collection of high terpene, full spectrum CBD, CBG and CBT drops, ranging from $19.99 up to $99.99, all in 30ml bottles. There’s Purple Urkle, Super Lemon Haze and Strawberry Cough, as well as and many other strains and flavours to choose from.

Plus, there’s even drops for your pet, capsules, like full spectrum CBT, CBD and CBG, all made from organically grown Colorado hemp and priced up to $69.99.

Furthermore, there’s high quality, 99% CBD Slabs and Powder with no added terpenes; you have a choice between 1000mg, 2500mg and 14,000mg, with prices ranging from $14.99 to $209.99. You can sprinkle those isolates on a joint or a bowl, add them to your meals, or dip your other oils, waxes, or resins!

For the fans of edibles, PhytoFamily features an interesting gummy selection, and full spectrum CBD syrups at affordable prices. The syrups are made with agave nectar and no high fructose corn syrup, making for a perfect pour to incorporate into meals and beverages in order to get a good old boost of cannabinoids! Plus, there’s CBD honey, made from responsibly harvested honey and hemp from the PhytoFamily Farms network. However, all those products in the edibles category are currently out of stock; you can contact the customer support at support@phytofamily.com and request information about the supply.

If you’re into topicals, PhytoFamily boasts a variety of hemp infused skin care products: massage oils with olive oil or capsaicin, and facial oils like Rosehip and Squalane, tattoo aftercare cream, next to an interesting selection of relaxing bath bombs that is currently out of stock, possibly due to high demand since they are among the most popular products of this company.

All CBD topicals are made by brands like Kush Queen, Divine Collective, and RAO, carefully formulated for skin care with all-natural ingredients, as stated on the company website. 

Finally, if you’re a vaper, PhytoFamily features a range of vape cartridges with high CBD percentages, derived from organically grown Colorado hemp strains of fine quality. Among other choices, you can opt for a .5ml or 1ml cartridge of full spectrum CBD Suver Haze by Lune Laboratories, or Forest Dew by Umami Vape, or go with the PhytoResin wax vape cart, with a 5:1 ratio of CBD:CBG ―a customer favorite by PhytoFamily.

What People Are Saying

As mentioned above, PhytoDabs/PhytoFamily is a company emphasizing transparency and honesty. All their products derive from their trusted farms’ network in organic Colorado farms, and the customers’ satisfaction is guaranteed, as can be deferred from their reviews

Customers praise PhytoDabs for their efficacy, and the quality and potency of their products. Among the most popular products are the dabs, like the Wax – Blend No. 12 High CBD-CBG Dabs, and the Grand Daddy Purple, while the slabs, topicals and vape cartridges are highly acclaimed as well, and customers generally seem to love the effects of every product whatsoever.

However, even though buyers positively comment on the products’ efficacy, many seem to find the price range to be more on the expensive side, and reserve PhytoFamily products for special occasions. Additionally, even though the customer support system is friendly and helpful, some buyers have experienced a shipping delay of 2-3 days.


PhytoFamily/PhytoDabs has managed to develop a base of satisfied customers within six years of operation. The factor that sets PhytoDabs apart from other equally successful companies of the hemp world is its emphasis on testing, informing and ensuring buyers that they’re getting top quality products. This is a company that cares about making their customers feel safe, and conduct their business with transparency.

Taking everything into account, it’s certain that PhytoDabs has a lot to offer; if the prices fall within your reach, we definitely suggest you try their products.

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