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An Honest Review of Organabus

organabus review

Organabus is one of the most well-known CBD companies in New Mexico. Although it’s quite popular among customers and favored for its impressive product catalog, it seems to lack transparency, as information about the hemp source is omitted, and lab results are deemed as inefficient by a large number of people.

The Company

Organabus is an Albuquerque CBD company, established in 2013. As stated on their official website, this is a company specializing in the manufacturing of CBD products, dedicated to improving the quality of their customers’ life. They claim to favour the development of products consisting of high quality natural and organic ingredients; however, even though the ‘organic’ aspect is part of the brand’s name, Organabus offers very limited information on the nature of their featured products. There’s no information on hemp source, while the products’ descriptions sometimes lack efficient details. 

Their website is adequately informative, also featuring a page with blog posts on CBD related issues and tips, but something still seems to be missing. Nevertheless, the founders and collaborators of Organabus are introduced in a Meet the Team section of the website, while the staff is always happy to answer questions and help customers, according to all company reviews.

The company takes pride in being passionate about their customers’ best service, and they promise to expand their catalog in order to broaden their clientele base and educate everyone interested in the benefits of CBD on the human mind, body and soul, as they say. 

Shipping and Offers

Organabus offers free shipping on orders over $50.00, while a 10% discount is also granted for your first order. Additionally, there is also a referral reward: you can earn up to 15% commission for every successful referral.

The company offers a wholesale option as well; you can fill out a form with your details and Organabus will get back to you within 48 hours. Finally, all products carry a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee, which enables you to return the unused portion of the purchased product and receive a full refund. 

Product Line

Organabus’ catalog boasts an impressively wide variety of products, covering the most popular categories of the CBD market, from flower to edibles —but also consist of other interesting items like custom tinctures, nasal inhalers and a collection of pet products.

At the moment, there’s pre-roll joints and hemp kush CBD flower of 3.5 grams available in their flower collection, priced at $11.99 and $24.99 each. As for the edibles, there’s CBD and Delta-8 gummies, CBD capsules, a gram of CBD isolate and even 100mg Sugar Stix. And if you’re into vaping, Organabus offers a selection of CBD terpene infused vape liquid and cartridges, at rates reaching up to $99.00, as well as a G – Pen bundle pack and a battery and cartridge bundle. 

The Hempbody Collection consists of body butter, bath bombs and candles, featuring a gift set priced at $99.00, while there’s an interesting selection of tinctures, varying in CBD potency and flavors ―like watermelon and pineapple! Furthermore, you have the choice of creating your own custom tincture, choosing the number of milligrams, strength and flavor, ranging from blueberry and mint to lavender and coconut!

Organabus also features a mini collection of bath bombs and soaps, with the most expensive item being the Mini Bath Bomb 64 Unit Assorted Display, priced at $320.00! And if you want a treat for your pets, you can choose between the dog biscuits (each biscuit contains 4mg of CBD) and the 100mg salmon oil tincture, priced at $29.99 and $39.99 each.

As stated on the website, Organabus is committed to testing all products by a third party accredited lab, while all items fall within the legal limits, containing zero or less than 0.3% THC. However, the lab results accompanying most of the products only cover the cannabinoid profile and potency. There’s no details as far as the use of contaminants goes, which is a critical factor we can’t omit, given the possibility of any product containing harmful substances.

What People Are Saying

People love the variety of products featured by Organabus, and praise the company for their excellent customer service; the staff seems to be incredibly helpful and interested in actually providing the best experience to their customers. 

The not-so-appealing thing about Organabus is the absence of information regarding hemp source and quality. The company states that they are ‘specializing in the manufacturing of natural CBD products’, and that everything is ‘handcrafted in small batches’, but if that is true, why is nothing mentioned about their facilities? 

With a brand name consisting of a wordplay using the word ‘organic’ and ‘cannabis’ in combination with a logo depicting a bus (not exactly the best of puns), the company is clearly marketed as ‘organic’ and healthy. But there’s no certification or details provided about the cultivation and manufacturing process, therefore we’re inclined to be a bit cautious, and advise everyone interested in buying from this company to be cautious too. Of course, you may ask the staff for more information beforehand; given the quality of their customer service, this would have to cover you. However, most reviews mention that when asked about their hemp source and lab tests, Organabus tends to avoid giving a sufficient explanation. 

Within the CBD market, it is usual for companies to feature whole sections regarding their hemp source and any testing done on their products ― whether they’re conducted in third-party laboratories, or with other means. Organabus claims to use organic hemp and natural ingredients (their tagline is: “organic CBD made from industrially grown hemp”), but you’ll have to take their word for it, since we can’t be certain about pesticide or herbicide use.


Organabus is an interesting company, boasting an extensive catalog of decent CBD products and great customer service, while their featured variety of items is attractive and the prices are approachable. However, we remain skeptical on their transparency and quality of hemp.

This is a CBD company that claims to have an emphasis on producing high quality edibles, vapor liquids, body products and pet treats, dedicated to their customers’ satisfaction. But with such poor insight into their hemp source and cultivation, manufacturing process and lab testing, Organabus is deemed somewhat lackluster, as they fail to back up their claims for producing organic, healthy, natural CBD products with actual facts and information. 

While the CBD market has achieved incredible growth and popularity gain during the past few years, there are still doubts among the less informed concerning the actual health benefits of cannabis and the intentions of the industry. Therefore, most companies will strive to prove their good motives, and the effort they put in their work, ensuring the satisfaction of their customers ーwhile also educating people on the benefits of CBD. Taking all this into consideration, Organabus is a promising company that still has to make some effort in order to make potential buyers feel secure and confident that they’re making a well-informed, safe decision when shopping for CBD products. 

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