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Plants and flowers need natural sunlight, and the weather condition is very seasonal. As for the plants that need constant light, the plants are at stake of dying off when there is no adequate sunlight. This is where the invention of LED Grow Light popped up and we have information on the best products to choose from in this Led Grow Lights review.

LED Grow Light is an invention of sophisticated technology that offers artificial light for plants and flowers to keep them fresh and glowing. LED Grow Light improvises the natural sunlight to keep your plants alive and increase your income.

It saves you from the unrest situation of seasonal crops.

Top 10 LED Grow Light Review List – For Quick View

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What are the Benefits of LED Grow Lights?

If the LED Grow Light does not serve any benefit, no one would still prefer to get it for their plants and flowers. The special functions it serves make it remain well known and most utilized than the traditional Grow Light.

  • LED Grow Light serves an excellent efficiency for growing plants. LED Grow Lights are way more efficient than HID lamps. The efficiency also connotes the lower cost. And high-income rate.
  • The moderate temperature is another better function the LED Grow Light served. LED Grow Lights run virtually cooler temperatures, unlike the HID lights. The HID lamps can be extraordinarily hot and put crops at risk of heat damage. It can also cause fire hazards when used in small spaces, but the LED Grow Light is designed with aluminum heat sinks that moderate the lamps’ temperature.
  • Do you want a stable source of light for your plants? Consider the LED Grow Light. The LED lights have a very long lifespan that can last for 50,000 hours or more. This is where the feature “it saves cost” pops in. If a LED Light can serve you this far, you don’t need to go further to get another source of light supply for your plants, which will cost you an extra fee.
  • A scientific observation reveals that natural sunlight has multiple LEDs that provide adequate light for your plants. The LED Grow Lights also has full light spectrums that do not necessarily need you to switch out lights as your crops grow.
  • A dimmable function allows you to customize the Grow Light to the best choice that suits your crops as they mature.
  • Lightweight and reliable: the LED Grow Light is reliable and lightweight that allows easy movement of the lamp from one location to another. The reliability is the longevity of the lifespan.

Are LED Grow Lights The Best for Indoor Growing?

The LED Grow Light is not only recommendable for indoor growing but also applicable for commercial planting. The excellent functions and the outstanding features of the LED grow light make it suitable for indoor and commercial planting.

Tips for Selecting the Best LED Grow Light

Don’t just go for any LED Grow Light without considering the following tips:

  • Consider the lifespan durability of the LED Grow Light.
  • Consider the reliability.
  • The performance is also an important thing to take note of.
  • Don’t go for lower-cost LED Grow Light that won’t increase your income.
  • Consider the housing, go for the aluminum heat sinks version of LED Grow Light to prevent your plants from damages.
  • Read old users’ comments on the type of LED Grow Light you want to go for. This will help you to wisely select the one with good feedback and enjoy it very well.

Save yourself the stress of checking different forums, websites, or blogs for LED grow lights review, and consider the above-listed tips. This will not only save you the cost but also save your time.

Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

So you’re growing plants indoors, and probably wondering what the best way to replicate the natural effects of sunlight inside your house is. If this is your first time growing indoors, you’ll want to know what your best options are, and you’ve obviously ended up searching for the best full spectrum LED grow lights. 

The basic purpose of full spectrum LED lighting is to mimic natural sunlight in the best way possible, and therefore to produce an important spectrum of light plants need to grow healthy.

This full spectrum of light can be produced in two ways: either by coating blue colored LED lights with a range of different colored phosphors, so that the wavelength is converted into a wider range, ultimately looking like natural white light, or by combining red, green and blue diodes in the correct ratio and pattern in order for the resulting light to appear white to the human eye. 

For the past years, HID (high intensity discharge) lighting has been the standard type used for indoor growth, but LEDs have managed to exceed this lighting system to replicate natural daylight. As of late, LED lighting is becoming more popular, and it’s considered the best and most viable option for growing and maintaining healthy plants. 

What exactly are LED grow lights?

LED technology has been around for a long time, actually dating back to the 20th century, with the first LED being attributed to a Russian inventor called Oleg Losev in 1927. LED stands for light-emitting diode, and in our day, LEDs are widely used in growing, available in different sizes, colors, and intensities to suit various plants’ requirements. 

As for the full spectrum part, it is a reference to the only actual full-spectrum light: sunlight. Of course,sunlight is a very complex thing, and many scientists are still trying to figure out its workings. Sunlight contains infrared light and ultraviolet (UV) and radio waves, x-rays, etc. It would be next to impossible to actually mimic all the qualities of sunlight, and full spectrum LED grow light is just the nearest possible.

The term “full-spectrum” started being used by the commercial lighting industry for the lights produced with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) ranking over 90, which is the best lighting conditions for the human eye to perceive colors accurately ―much like how we see colors naturally, in the daylight. Plus, with the advent of horticultural lighting, the term was brought back in use again, causing the common misconception that full-spectrum LEDs can actually reproduce the effects of sunlight for plants.

How do LED grow lights work?

When talking about the light spectrum and color wavelengths, we’re talking about the range of all light colors we see, and those we don’t see. The light that’s visible for the human eye is between 380-740 nanometers ―and, in a similar manner, the leaves of plants enjoy these visible wavelengths as well, with their chlorophyll using light to manufacture food! 

Of course, plants’ leaves are mostly green; given that chlorophyll only reflects green light, plants don’t absorb it. For the most part, all plants respond to the blue and red colors, them being the two most crucial wavelengths for plants’ growth and flowering. As for their respective purposes, it’s blue light that’s best for the plants’ vegetative phase, and red light for the flowering period.

Taking that into consideration, and using the aforementioned technology of full spectrum LED, light industries have managed to produce the wavelengths plants need for their growth and flowering, featuring programmable settings so that users can control the type of lights at different ratios, depending on the varying levels needed and stages of growth. 

What are the Benefits of LED Grow Lights?

  • LED Grow Lights are the most efficient and affordable choice for indoor growing, as they provide excellent results for very low power consumption: the efficiency connotes the lower cost, and a high-income rate. You can typically expect energy savings up to 25-50% from LEDs. 
  • They are stable and consistent. LED lights have a very long lifespan, in the most cases lasting up to 50,000 hours, or more, so you’re likely to keep using the same LEDs for a really long time before you need replacements. The reason for this feature is that they produce less heat, so they have less chances of burning up. So, even if they seem more expensive at first, they are the most economical reason, as they are sure to last you longer than other lights.
  •  LEDs optimize light. It’s a fact that plants require different wavelengths of light during different stages in their light cycle, and full spectrum LEDs are available in varying wavelengths, or adjustable settings. If you use the specific wavelength for a plant at the correct stage of its light cycle, you are sure to get maximum growth at the minimal cost!
  •  LED grow can even be chained together, so you’ll have a compact, flexible system, reducing the mess of extra wiring and taking up a limited space.
  • They don’t heat up much. LEDs keep a moderate temperature while they’re on, and can generally run cooler temperatures. Your plants won’t be in any danger of heat damage, contrary to using HID lights, for example, which can be extremely hot and put your crops at risk. LED grow lights are no fire hazards, and are safe for your plants, designed with aluminum heat sinks that moderate the lamps’ temperature.

Notes to consider

Furthermore, there are some major factors to consider before picking an LED system for your indoor crops: your plants’ species, the size of your crop, and the accordant type of LEDS.

All plants have varying light requirements, depending on their species and variety. 

For example, herbs usually need low light levels, like 25 watts per square foot, while plants like tomatoes need at least 50 watts. Different varieties have their own unique needs: those coming from sunny, dry areas usually need stronger light than those originating from temperate, or subtropical regions. Plus, it goes without saying that the larger your crop is, the more LED bulbs or panels you will require.

On another note, while full spectrum LEDs are useful for providing adequate light levels for a plant throughout its life cycles, you may be in need of a more focused approach ―say, for example, that you have set up a system with different growing areas. If you invest in a good quality full spectrum LED system with adjustable settings, you can go for vegging light for growth or blooming light for flowering, depending on your plant’s stage and needs. 

Tips for Selecting the Best LED Grow Light

Choosing a full spectrum LED grow light system can be difficult. It would be best if you didn’t go for the first LEDs you come upon, without considering the following tips first:

  • Consider the lifespan durability of LED grow lights.
  • Consider the reliability.
  • Consider the performance and cost ratio.
  • Opt for the aluminum heat sink versions of LED grow lights to prevent your plants from heat damage.
  • Do your research; visit forums and read old users’ comments on the type of LED grow light you want to go for, as this will help you make a confident choice that best suits your specific needs and has positive feedback.

MARS HYDRO TS Led Grow Light


MARS HYDRO TS is a 1000Watts Led grow light that can offer a light spectrum equivalent to the plans’ sunlight. MARS HYDRO is a low energy consumption grow light, and it delivers efficiently. It consumes only 150W with 342 LEDs.

  • It can save up to 50% more energy than any other type of led grow lights. It can offer over 90% of light energy to plants with its higher intensity and broad coverage grows tent.
  • It is designed with aluminum material capable of reducing light lost to aisles and walls and quickly disperse heat.
  • This led grow light features a highly reflective and noise-free fanless led grow system.
  • It provides an adequate light spectrum for your plants without getting them burnt. Light supply by this led grow light is relatively equivalent to natural light. It is suitable for any growing stage with its rapid plant growth.
  • It is designed with the Newest SMD LED Technology capable of providing the highest LUMEN output for your plants.
  • It features an adjustable light intensity. It has easy dimming and daisy chain function. The easy dimming feature allows you to quickly reduce the light’s intensity to suit your best choice at any moment.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Outstanding 342 LEDs
  • High penetration
  • Dimmable function


  • No warranty

MARS HYDRO TS 3000W LED Grow Light


This is a premium series of the MARS HYDRO TS LED Grow Light. It is also a product of the MARS HYDRO brand. This LED Grow Light series is designed with outstanding elements that give the best function and offer an excellent experience.

Products from this brand remain unbeatable in the LED Grow Light market because of their outstanding features.

  • It features a dimmable full light spectrum for plants. It has over 1016pcs LEDs that offer artificial sun like light for plants.
  • It has a broadband panel that offers close to natural sunlight for plants. The light produced by this LED Grows light is suitable for all stages of indoor plant growing.
  • It offers rapid growth for plants from seed to the flowering stage with maximum quality and quantity.
  • It is much better than the conventional HPS grow systems.
  • It offers higher intensity grow tent for plants featuring the reflective area.
  • It gives high efficiency and saves energy for plant light.
  • This new brand of grow light gives you the chance to maximize your income by an additional 30% compared to other old grow lights brands.
  • It has a durable light span that can last for hours.
  • It consumes less power and offers high light output.


  • High light output
  • Income maximization
  • High efficiency
  • High intensity grow tent


  • No factual lapses

Giixer LED Grow Light Review

Brand: Giixer

Do you need a LED Grow Light to grow your plant without overheating? The best product to consider for that is the Giixer LED grow light.

It is a dual switch and dual chips full spectrum LED Grow Light suitable for hydroponic indoor vegetation plants and flowers with over 1000 watts.

  • The 100 pieces LED offers adequate to grow light needed for your plant growth and germination, equivalent to the natural sunlight.
  • The dual chips are more significant, brighter, and more efficient than any other LED Grow Lights brand. It consumes less energy.
  • It saves energy and improves the plant growing environment. It serves dual functions with dual features.
  • This combo device has two different switches: the vegetation switch and the bloom switch. The Veg switch is the blue led and white led, which are suitable for seeding vegetative growth, while Bloom switch is the red led and white led that can be used for flowering or blooming.
  • It is a full spectrum LED light with white, yellow, blue, red, and some other colors similar to the sunshine.
  • It is ideal for all kinds of indoor vegetation and flowering plants of all stages.


  • Multiple switches
  • Full light spectrum
  • It offers to grow light infinite close to natural sunshine
  • Affordable


  • Slight heavy

Exlenvce LED Grow Light

Brand: Exlenvce

The Exlenvce brand of LED grows Light is a fantastic product with outstanding features and functions. It performs excellently than any other brand of LED Grow Light.

The Exlenvce LED Grow Light provides a full Light spectrum for indoor plants, vegetation, and flowers. It features triple-chips 15W LED.

  • The exciting feature of the Exlenvce 1200W LED Grow Light is the triple-chip 15W LED design. It features 5 Watts chips per LED, and this makes a total of 15 Watts Chips for three different LEDs.

This product beat other brands as it combines both the single type of LED Light and the double types into just one. This enhances the efficiency of this device, and it provides more Light brighter than other products.

  • It features a dual-channel (the vegetative and bloom switch) capable of meeting the blue and red Light demand in few moments.
  • The daisy chain function integrates more lights while using a single wall outlet to grow and manage the plant without stress efficiently.
  • This product’s core coverage area is 48 x 48, and it is capable of running for over 15-18 hours per day during the germination and the early leaf stages.
  • The most exciting part of the Exlenvce LED Grow Light has 4 years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The Daisy chain offers multiple lights to keep the plants’ space organized. It also avoids excessive wiring.
  • It has a power cable that serves two main functions: it can be plugged into a standard power outlet, and also it can be plugged into the Daisy Chain outlet of another grow Light.


  • 4 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Power cable that serves two outstanding functions
  • Tripple chips 15W LED design
  • High performance
  • Easy to operate


  • Slightly expensive



JUEYINGBAILI is another best brand of LED Grow Light that has excellent features and high performance.

The 80W Full Spectrum Grow Light has an automatic on and off feature that shuts down the light based on the timing. It features a dimmable brightness for growing mainly indoor succulent plants.

  • Proper plant growth requires natural sunlight to avoid stagnant growth. This LED Grow Light has three color modes; blue light, red light, and mixed light. It also has nine brightness settings ranging from 20-100%.
  • This LED Grow Light is suitable to supplement any plant that lacks natural sunlight for growth with adequate grow light.
  • This grow light has an automatic power on and off to regulate the functionality and control the overheating/temperature.
  • The circular-memory is responsible for the everyday intelligent timing function. This timing function works in line with your settings. You can customize the auto turn off time for the grow light yourself.
  • Despite the high-performance of the grow light, it does not overheat, thanks to the aluminum heat conductive material.
  • It produces constant current flowing without melting or burning.
  • The exciting part of this grow light is that it has 360-degree adjustable goosenecks that allow you to easily control the angle to whichever side to satisfy your usage.
  • It is powered by a USB cable or AC power plug with a USB power adapter included.
  • It is very portable and comfortable to use in the office or at home.


  • Adjustable goos neck
  • USB power adapter included
  • Portability
  • Applicable for indoor plants


  • No warranty

Barrina LED Grow Light

Brand: Barrina

Barrina LED grow Light is a better alternative to reduce the cost of cultivation for individuals. It also shortens the flowering period for your plants.

The Barrina LED grow light features excellent elements capable of promoting early growth to increase your production and improve fruit quality.

  • This LED grows Light protects you against seasonal cultivation. It is compatible with the seedling, flowering, and vegetative cycle.
  • It is a full light spectrum with high intensity. The full spectrum includes blue wavelength that foot photosynthesis, chlorophyll and improve stem and leaf growth.
  • The red wavelength is essential for plant seed germination, bulb development, and root germination.
  • The green wavelength offers the plant sound health and strength and makes it look gorgeous.
  • This Grow Light saves you the stress of extra cost on fertilizer to improve your plants’ growth and see your plants through the whole stages of growth.
  • The Plant Light Chips could be integrated. Some other Grow Light types have blue chips and red chips separately, but this Grow Light has both chips integrated to serve a more efficient and better color layout.
  • It is a plug and play grow Light. It can link six LED grow lights in a single series using its 48 inches connecting cords.
  • It is easy to use and could be mount to the ceiling or hang up on shelves.

This is a perfect collection to save your installation cost and time. It also increases your income with less stress.


  • Easy installation
  • Saves time
  • Integrate plant chips
  • Easily to link up to other LED grow lights
  • Plug and play feature
  • 2 years unlimited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Timer function not so perfect



VIPARSPECTRA is second to none in the LED Grow Light market. It is suitable for all stages of plant growth.

It is an energy-saving LED Grow Light. It is first pick in the market of LED Grow Light because of its impressive lifespan. Its lifespan is durable enough to stand a long time of usage. More so, the two years manufacturer’s warranty for prospective buyers is the most exciting part of it.

  • It features a 450W LED with a full spectrum from IR to UR. The light produced by this grow light is close to natural sunlight, and it meets all the needs of plants of all species, and it enhances the development stage of all plants.
  • Mostly preferred grow light to any other type because of its vegetative and Bloom switch that works interchangeably for each growing stage.
  • The reflector design enhances the PAR output by 50%, and it regulates the brightness of the light with the minimum input voltage.
  • Another exciting feature of this grow light is the dimmable light function that allows you to adjust the light’s brightness level.
  • The 600W LED grow light has in-built aluminum heat sinks that regulate the hotness of the tool. It uses a high-speed cooling fan.

It is a lightweight, durable grow light that is portable for anywhere use, and its longevity lifespan makes it the best LED grow light.


  • Durable construction and aluminum housing
  • 2-year warranty
  • Effective cool fans
  • VEG and BLOOM switches


  • No lapses



The MAXSISUN PB 4000 is one of the most substantial series of the MAXSISUN LED grow lights.

It is designed for indoor plants full spectrum, but it can also function well for other contexts. It is a high-performance plant growing lamp.

  • It is designed with a 4×4 Grow tent flowering plant cultivations.
  • It is a full-cycle for a horticulture lighting solution for plants. This Grow Light enhances your cultivation and also improve your harvesting. It is considered a Born-to-Harvest grow Light because of its perfect features and functions.
  • It boosts the vegetative growth to higher light intensity in flowering.
  • It is a full spectrum Grow Light designed to optimize the growth of plants, either the indoor or the greenhouse context, from the seedling stage to the harvesting stage.
  • It is comfortable for a 5 x 5 feet of vegetative area.
  • This Grow Light offers a high photosynthesis efficacy.
  • The PB 4000 features 400 watts that yield better results on the plants than other types of Grow Light with high watts but less capability.
  • The power consumption of this grow Light is superb and is incomparable to any other type.
  • The exciting feature of this Grow Light is that it does not make unnecessary noise. It is encompassed with aluminum heat sink housing that regulates the heat secretion of the lamp.


  • Reliable and not noisy
  • Born for harvest grow Light
  • Full Light spectrum to offer glowing plants outlook
  • Aluminum heat sink housing


  • Limited warranty



The SF 2000 LED Grow Light is a product of the SF (Spider Farmer) brand. It is a definitive version of LED Grow Light. Marrying the features and the functions together makes this lamp one of the best Grow Light in the market of LED Grow Light.

  • It has a multi-daisy dimming chain that makes it popular for more extensive, subsistence, and commercial planting.
  • The simple dimming function allows you to easily adjust the brightness and contrast of the light without stress.
  • It has the main light switch that enables you to swiftly switch the lamp without necessarily going through a thorough process before power on.
  • The multiple daisy chain models offer you an interchangeable function.
  • A lower running cost and high-quality results make this grow light well known and people’s best choice in the market.

The Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights use the latest high yielding LEDs technology (Samsung LM301B diodes) that save you the cost of running smooth cultivation and increase your income.

  • It delivers a powerful light output and equal tent effect that maximize your income.
  • The customize dimming knob and light switch allows you to set the light functions to your most preferred preferences.
  • The multi-light connection with unified dimming serves an excellent benefit for both indoor and commercial cultivation.

It is compatible with all stages of plant development and also compatible with both vegetation and flowering plants.


  • High compatibility
  • High yielding LEDs technology
  • Customized dimming knob and light switch
  • Suitable for both indoor growing and commercial planting


  • No manufacturer’s warranty



Getting the VIVOSUN LED Grow Light is equivalent to getting value for your investment capital. The VS1000 LED Grow Light offers excellent values, making it deem fit to its stand in the LED Grow Light market today.

The VS 1000 LED Grow Light is the latest version of the VIVOSUN brand of LED Grow Lights.

  • It provides a uniquely designed hook capable of shortening the ceiling’s distance and the LED Light to a minimum space. However, this means that the VIVOSUN LED Grow Light could be mounted onto the ceiling to serve a better function, unlike standing on the ground.

The VS1000 LED Grow Light, which reduces the cost of cultivation, and it offers the high efficiency and an increase in an income. This Grow Light will reduce the cost of planting for you, and it will serve perfectly without restriction.

  • The VS1000 LED Grow Light is more efficient than the conventional HID lamps and other plant lamps in the market.
  • The plant needs adequate and moderate sunlight, and the LED Grow Light could improvise the function. LED Grow Light without dimmable or adjustable function will kill off your plant without getting values for your money.
  • The VS1000 Grow Light has a dimmable knob that allows you to adjust the Light to a suitable length that suits your plant’s periods.


  • Low noise and low heat
  • Lower cost
  • High efficiency
  • Dimmable ballast and full light spectrum


  • Expensive

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