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Gobigly’s CBD/Delta-8 Products

Are you looking for a way to get the benefits of CBD and Delta-8 while enjoying the deliciousness of gummies? Don’t worry because, at Gobigly, we offer a wide range of gummies infused with CBD, Delta-8, and other cannabinoids and cannabis compounds. The following are the CBD/delta-8 products that we sell:

Damnnnn Goood! CBD Sleepy Joe Gummies (300mg)

These are broad-spectrum CBD gummies, featuring 20 pieces in each pack. This means that you will enjoy the enhanced benefits of CBD and Delta-8 in every gummy. What is more, the gummies have added melatonin, which may improve your sleep and eye health. The gummies are found in mixed berry flavor and are 100% Vegan and GMO-free. This is the best choice if you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep in a natural way without worrying about getting high.

Damnnnn Goood! CBD White Privilege Peach Gummies

These 300-mg gummies contain 20 gummies, with each weighing 15 milligrams. Made from premium USA hemp plant, the gummies will provide you with the entourage effect because they contain several cannabis compounds, including CBD and delta-8. It is available in the peach flavor, and its THC content does not exceed the recommended 0.3 percent. If you love peach fruits, this is the best choice for you.

Damnnnn Goood! CBD Let’s Go Brandon Berry Gummies

This pack contains 300mg of broad-spectrum CBD gummies. Each of these 20 mixed-berry flavored gummies weighs 15 mg and contains less than 0.3% of total THC. You will enjoy the incredible health benefits of CBD with this 100% vegan and GMO-free product. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the best choice for you.

Damnnnn Goood! CBD American Apple Gummies

We all love apples, don’t we? You will enjoy the incredible flavor of apples with these gummies made by Proud Americans in the USA. Like the other gummies from this brand, the gummies are a great choice for vegans and are GMO-free. At just $30, you will enjoy the health benefits of broad-spectrum CBD with these delicious edibles.

Damnnnn Goood! CBD Star Spangled Strawberry Gummies

Even before you open it to see the content, the pack is eye-catching in red color. In this beautiful pack, you will enjoy the goodness of strawberry-flavored 20 premium CBD gummies. Each serving contains 15 mg of CBD, meaning that you cannot overdose on a single gummy.

Blazed CBD Sleep Berry Gummies

The 300mg CBD gummies pack contains 20 pieces, each containing 15mg of CBD and 5mg of melatonin. It is a great choice if you are looking for a product to help with sleep and eye health. You will enjoy a mixed-berry flavor with these edibles.

Blazed CBD Strawberry OG Gummies

These CBD gummies are strawberry flavored, and each gummy contains 15mg of CBD. The broad spectrum CBD gummies also contain additional compounds, including Delta 8. You won’t have to worry about intoxication because they contain less than 3% THC.

Blazed CBD Kush Berry Gummies

Derived from the Kushberry cannabis strain, this product is great for relaxation. Each of the 20 gummies will give you a mixed berry flavor, which is incredibly enjoyable.

Blazed CBD Green Apple Kush Gummies

The green apple-flavored gummies will afford you an incredible treat at just $30. You just need ½ to 1 gummy to attain your desired effect. You will enjoy the synergetic effect of these broad-spectrum gummies without worrying about getting intoxicated.

Blazed CBD Peaches & Cream Gummies

Similar to the rest of our products, these CBD gummies contain 300 CBD. They also contain other cannabinoids, including delta-8. Each of the 20 gummies in the pack allows you to enjoy 15mg of CBD per serving.

Now that you have known some of the products we sell, you may want to shop from us for the highest-quality CBD/delta-8 gummies. We have two options to help you purchase our products conveniently. You can make a one-time purchase or choose a monthly plan. The latter allows you to save 30% on the cost.

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