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An Honest Review of Empire Wellness

Combining the work of experts in the field of cannabis from farming to distribution, Empire Wellness is a high-quality CBD distributor of great reputation and popularity. But is it worth the hype it’s getting? Let’s take a look into an in-depth Empire Wellness review.

empire wellness review


Empire Wellness focuses on the final products’ purity, as everything is crafted with 99% CBD (cannabidiol), concentrate, ensuring top notch quality and consistency, as the substance retains its potency. The company’s expertise is CBD derived from organically grown hemp, farmed in Colorado, Florida and Oregon.

Production, packaging and distribution are handled in the company’s state-of-the art facilities, with the precious help of qualified farmers and specialized technicians. This expert work enables Empire Wellness to provide its customers with completely pure, clean CBD for therapeutic and recreational use.

Where To Buy & Coupons

The company’s products are available in numerous vape and smoke shops, health food and vitamin stores, organic markets, etc. However, we suggest that you buy Empire Wellness’s top quality products directly via their official website, which will also enable you to use the company’s often occurring discount codes.

Additionally, there is a free shipping offering on orders over $50.00, and of course a wholesale option available for interested vendors. For the latter, you will have to fill out an application form so as to be verified.

Product Line

Empire Wellness features a wide range of products. While they boast a great selection of oils and hemp flowers, they also sell creams, waxes, and relaxation syrups, as well as gummies and isolate powder.

As far as oils are concerned, you can choose between four different types; you can get either as crystal isolate or full spectrum CBD oil tinctures, in containers varying from 150mg to 1500mg. None of the CBD oils have flavor additives; they’re made with CBD, hemp seed oil, and coconut oil. Of course, they are labeled as dietary supplements; not advertised to be used as a medicine or anything they are not.

Then, you have your edibles: gummies and syrup. If you like gummies, you can choose between the Watermelon Rings, the Rainbow Cones or the more expensive Fruit Snacks (priced $40.00) among others. All gummies are pesticide free and non-GMO, infused with all-natural full spectrum CBD. As for the relaxation syrup, buyers can choose either grape or cherry flavored syrup, both priced $50.00. You can mix the syrup into any liquid of your choice ―tea, soda, water, etc―, and enjoy all the benefits of CBD by having a drink! Each of the bottles contains about 100mg of CBD crystal isolate; there is also an amount of melatonin infused in the syrup, making for a good night’s sleep.

There is also a CBD infused cream, at $60.00, which provides pain relief and is very easy to use on the go, as well as a CBG wax (cannabigerol is notable among all other cannabinoids as being the precursor to each one of them). You can buy the wax for $70.00, and for the same price you can also get live resin wax, a full spectrum of terpenes, cannabinoids and acids from the entire hemp plant.

Of course, the most common cannabis intake methods are vaping and smoking. Empire Wellness offers a variety of strains of hemp flower for its customers to smoke and enjoy, and there’s some good news: those products contain THC of percentage no bigger than 0.3%, which makes them legal to buy and sell in all 50 states of the U.S.!

There are five different strains for you to choose from: Tropicano, Waldo, God’s Breath, Monroe and Glee. There is also the option of pre-rolls, which you can purchase if you’re not really into rolling your own joint.

This company’s hemp is a full spectrum plant flower that contains essential fatty acids, aromatic molecules, protein, terpenes, minerals, vitamins and CBD. Each strain has a different look and smell, as well as slightly different effects. On the company’s official website, Empire Wellness advertises the importance of the customers’ safety, stating that prior to distribution, every batch of CBD flower has been through tests and approved by the Department of Agriculture.

Of course, those are cannabis products that look and smell like marijuana. The company also advises caution; the website states that they are not responsible for possible arrests or confiscations of a product because of a misconception as to what it actually is.

What People Are Saying

It is a common occurrence that the CBD products’ performance disappoints the users. However, Empire Wellness is a company that has been regarded as true to their word: customers have stated that the effects promised actually come through, and amazing results are achieved, even with the smallest given amount of their products.

Furthermore, aside from the hemp flower products, this company also has a great reputation regarding their exemplary customer service. The people of Empire Wellness have been known to be reliable and approachable, manifesting mindfulness and care for the best interest of their customers.

Empire Wellness Review – Verdict

If you are on the market seeking an extensive collection of options, Empire Wellness won’t disappoint you; its range of CBD hemp products is remarkable, offering everything from CBD oils and joints to gummies and pain relief cream!

Empire Wellness is a company that is greatly appreciated by its customers, as it fulfills its promises and follows through its claims of providing users with premium quality CBD. As for the prices, even though relatively high, they are appropriate for the efficacy of the products. This brand is surely worth getting into.

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