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An Honest Review of EcoSciences (formerly CBD Drip)

EcoSciences, formerly known as CBD Drip is a company that specializes in providing premium CBD products like tinctures, capsules, gummies and drinks ―and even treats for your pet, so one is left out.

EcoSciences has been operating in the United States for seven years; it’s a brilliant option for those looking for affordable but quality CBD products, while it has also established itself as one of the best wholesale sources for resellers.

But is it a safe, transparent company? Let’s see details below.

The Company

Under the name of CBD Drip, this company started operating in 2014, and within two years managed to establish its presence in the shelves of thousands of CBD stores all over the United States. Newly branded as EcoSciences, they are currently doing business based in Newport Beach, California, and they have successfully facilitated the launch of a top quality, full spectrum hemp extract product series, as well as a loyal clientele that swears by their products. 

EcoSciences is a company committed to manufacturing pure CBD products of the best quality, consciously and safely, with their customers’ best interest in mind. Moreover, as stated on their website, they take pride in being a “trusted wholesaler for top shelf CBD”, while they offer attractive displays, as well as a guided process regarding the wholesale option, for businesses looking to carry their series.

This privately owned company proudly guarantees the safety of their products with the use of third party lab testing to ensure the purity of hemp and CBD concentration, the legal levels of THC and the absence of harmful chemicals. 

EcoSciences features a page on their website, where they showcase all lab test results regarding their products.

Additionally, the company website offers an amazing support system for potential buyers and loyal customers, as well as extremely informative and useful blog posts, such as tips on how to use CBD, how it works and what to avoid. 

Shipping and Offers

EcoSciences is a direct seller of premium CBD products, but at the same time, it is also a very popular wholesale source for numerous businesses, while there’s also a Dropshipping Program available for merchants. And for loyal customers, EcoSciences features a CBD Affiliate Program as well, which allows you to earn from referrals and recommendations to others ―and actually do reselling of EcoSciences products yourself! You can find out more on the informative website. 

The company offers free shipping on all orders over $29.99, and if you subscribe to their newsletter, you get a coupon code that gives you 20% off and free shipping on your next purchase ―so make sure to take advantage of those offers. EcoScience subscribers also receive exclusive promotional discounts and are notified about the huge sales on holidays, which can be from 10% to 50% off! Plus, there are weekly and monthly subscriptions, saving you up to 25% off on every order going forward.

There are also daily deals, offering attractive discounts, and a 30-day guarantee applying to the whole product catalogue. 

Product Line

EcoSciences offers a wide array of CBD products in their EcoDrops™ line, each one designed to produce specific results for the buyers’ satisfaction; there’s products specifically intended to help with sleeping difficulties, anxiety, and even relieve athlete’s muscle and joint pain. The website and the product label are full of useful information about the consistency, potency and dosage recommendations. You can find tinctures, capsules, edibles and drinkables, creams and additives, as well as products for your dog!

EcoSciences offers a variety of tinctures that can be taken sublingually: the EcoDrops™ line has been formulated with specially crafted terpene blends, mixed with premium quality, full spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract, along with top quality essential oils.

If you visit the company website, you can browse through categories, like the red label Relief series, for treating pain, the Dream series for sleeping difficulties, Focus for enhancing concentration and Boost, for enhancing mood. There’s also the popular option of RixMix, for daily overall wellness support, as well as Social, featuring a 150mg CBD bottle best for those with social anxiety, currently on sale at $69.99. All other categories offer an option between $5.99 for 50mg CBD per tube, $39.99 for 500mg and $99.99 for 1500mg. 

Not everybody cares for the greeny, raw taste of hemp extract, and some prefer capsules to tinctures, which are also easier to share with a group. EcoGels™ and EcoCaps™ are full spectrum, CBD-rich hemp extract in a simple capsule form, advertised as non-GMO and gluten-free. The vegan capsules promise to offer overall daily wellness for those with a very active lifestyle, and you can choose between a sachet of 60mg CBD priced at $5.99, or one of 900mg for $59.99. And if you prefer the softgels, there’s a package of 50mg CBD for $5.99 and a bag of 750mg CBD for $59.99. 

If you’re interested in edibles and drinkables, EcoSciences offers gummies, containing 50mg CBD per bag, priced at $4.99. As for the drinks, you can go for either Chill Relaxation or Focused Energy, both bottles of 25mg of CBD priced at $4.99. There’s also CBD additives to add to your beverage or take orally. As far as those are concerned, you have a choice between Gold, Platinum and Onyx, at prices reaching up to $19.99. 

This company has also developed a highly popular CBD cream for joint and muscle pain relief, in partnership with baseball legend and Hall of Famer Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas; it comes in a box containing 25mg CBD at $12.99, a 30ml bottle at $24.99 and a tub of 1200mg CBD priced at $149.99.

Plus, there’s a compare feature on the website, which helps you choose the product that best suits your preferences. Finally, if you’re looking for a treat for your dog, EcoSciences offers CBD oil with bacon and peanut butter flavor, at $3.99 for 10mg CBD and $29.99 for 300mg CBD

What People Are Saying

A dedicated company with a cult following, EcoSciences has been using the platform of TrustPilot on their website since early 2019, to showcase verified retail and wholesale customer reviews that often sing their praises. EcoSciences has gathered and maintains an overall Excellent score of 4.7/5.

The positive reviews and comments praise the company for its exceptional customer service and top notch products; the tinctures are an incredibly popular choice ―especially RixMix, a customer favorit. The buyers comment on the great potency of EcoSciences’ products, their effects and help on various sleeping difficulties and anxiety disorders, while the products for dogs are quite popular as well.


EcoSciences is a trustworthy and transparent company, appreciated by loyal customers. It features an interesting catalogue of premium quality products at affordable rates, and for subscribers, the prices are even more attractive. The reviews are all positive, and the support network has proven to be helpful and reliable.

As for the safety precautions, EcoSciences conducts their testing with SC Labs and includes the results on their website. But there is a problem: they only conduct potency tests and provide the cannabinoid profile of the products. It is blatantly stated that tests for residual solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals have not been done, so we’d suggest that the company invests more into the safety measures regarding the testing of their products. 

EcoSciences is a great option for those interested in using high quality CBD products for overall daily wellness support, to treat sleeping difficulties and anxiety disorders. Plus, they provide a reliable and easy wholesale process for bulk purchases, and frequent discounts for their subscribers.

However, the lack of pesticide and residual solvents analysis and the missing terpenoid profiling in their lab test results should be taken into consideration, regardless of the numerous positive reviews and satisfied customers. 

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