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Cannabidiol in the Coal State — Is CBD Oil Legal in Pennsylvania?

Home to Gettysburg, Independence Hall, and the Liberty Bell, Pennsylvania is one of America’s most historically-rich states. Although the Coal State has played a pivotal role in America’s past, it hasn’t been all that “historic” in the cannabis movement. In fact, you could say Pennsylvania has been more of a follower than a leader in this new sector. 

Although PA lawmakers haven’t fully legalized recreational weed, there are glimmers of hope for cannabis fans. For instance, the state has become far more accepting of hemp-derived products like CBD oils. As long as Pennsylvanians know what to look for on third-party lab reports, they shouldn’t fear buying hemp CBD items from reputable vendors. 

What’s The Legal Status Of CBD Oil In Pennsylvania? 

To take advantage of its fertile farmland, Harrisburg quickly adopted a hemp-friendly cultivation policy. Two years after the 2014 US Farm Bill made it easier for universities to study hemp, Pennsylvania lawmakers signed HB 967 into law. Under this new policy, local farmers could add hemp to their crop rotation with an official permit. To this day, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) manages the industrial hemp sector.

Like DC’s new laws, Pennsylvania distinguishes “hemp” from “marijuana” by its total delta-9 THC concentration. To be considered “legal hemp,” a cannabis strain must register 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. 

Of course, the 2018 US Farm Bill legalized all hemp derivatives for sale in the USA. Since Pennsylvania legislators haven’t disputed the new federal hemp standard, locals can legally purchase CBD oils, tinctures, or gummies with ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. 

Indeed, since 2018, the number of dispensaries in Pennsylvania has been on a noticeable uptrend. Even if residents can’t find a hemp shop nearby, there are plenty of businesses to choose from in cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Allentown. 

Does Pennsylvania Law Also Protect Smokable Hemp? 

Using CBD Oil In Pennsylvania

In theory, smokable CBD flowers fit both PA’s and the federal government’s hemp laws. However, customers must remember there are no recreational marijuana laws in PA. True, many cities have reduced their penalties for petty cannabis possession, but that doesn’t mean owning cannabis flowers can’t get you into trouble.

Even though hemp CBD strains have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC, they look and smell like any other cannabis hybrid. Therefore, if PA officers discover these trichome-rich nugs in your home, they could charge you with marijuana possession. 

Pennsylvanians who want to enjoy smoking or vaping CBD-rich flowers must practice extreme discretion. Only use these flowers in a private setting far from public view. Also, please never consume CBD hemp while in a car or on federal territory.

Can Pennsylvanians Grow CBD Hemp At Home? 

You might be able to get CBD oil In Pennsylvania, however, growing is a different matter. Currently, nobody in Pennsylvania is allowed to cultivate cannabis at home. Although lawmakers are debating SB 1024 to make an exemption for MMJ patients, locals should avoid growing hemp or cannabis until the government revises its policies. 

Even though CBD hemp has ≤ 0.3 percent THC, Pennsylvania only wants PDA-licensed farmers to grow industrial hemp. If you were to grow CBD hemp in your household, police would probably assume you’re cultivating high-THC marijuana. There are still significant punishments for Pennsylvania residents who grow pot at home, so it’s best to leave hemp cultivation to professionals for the time being. 

Do PA’s CBD Laws Extend To Delta-8 THC? 

There’s nothing in Pennsylvania’s CBD statutes that directly addresses hemp-based THC alternatives like delta-8 THC. So, until there’s an official announcement from Harrisburg officials, it’s technically legal to buy and use hemp delta-8 if it has ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC.

Just keep in mind that many PA lawmakers are firmly against delta-8. A few senators introduced a memorandum on delta-8 products in April of 2022. It’s unclear whether this ban on delta-8 will move forward, so PA customers need to keep a close eye on the latest legal changes. 

From Lake Erie To Philly, Buying CBD Oil in PA

According to George Mouratidis, a professional cannabis copywriter, Pennsylvania is super friendly towards CBD hemp, but it’s not so progressive when it comes to pot. For this reason, it can be a pain to send legal CBD hemp flowers into the Coal State.

However, Harrisburg’s legal hassles haven’t stopped companies from shipping hundreds of hemp goodies to many good folks in Pennsylvania. Besides getting CBD oil in Pennsylvania, you can also purchase hemp flowers, pre-rolls, and edibles in discreet packaging. Examples of places to buy CBD oil include Organic CBD Nugs and Exotic Weed Dispensary.

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