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An Honest Review of CBD Hemp Direct

CBD Hemp Direct features a large, premium collection of hemp products. The company is dedicated to the customers’ best interest, guaranteeing the potency of their CBD hemp products with the enforcement of a quality assurance process. Keep reading for a full CBD hemp direct review!

About The Company

CBD Hemp Direct is a multi-state licensed Industrial Hemp Grower/Handler. Even though the company boasts a wide range of products, their specialty is the hemp flower, while they’ve also introduced hemp flower products with non-psychoactive cannabinoids. The company makes sure to subject its products to third-party testing, so that the right cannabinoid profiles meet different customer needs, while not deviating from the legal THC limits.

Where to Buy

There is a CBD Hemp Direct store in Vegas, but you can order all your products online. You can find details about the shipping arrangements on the company website.


If you’re vaping, organically grown hemp surely is the best option for you. CBD Hemp Direct is a company that designs and develops strains of hemp with the customers’ best interest in mind. It has been observed that quite a large number of CBD users prefer to consume American hemp versus hemp that is grown elsewhere, and Hemp Direct farms are located in the US; the hemp is grown under government protocols, ensuring the production of a perfectly safe hemp flower for buyers to consume. The farmers are licensed in different states in America, and all regulations and legal procedures are followed, ensuring a final product of premium quality.

It is of great importance that hemp flower products are of excellent quality, as they are consumed after little processing. When inhaled, either smoked or vaped, CBD works much faster than by any other intake method, and Hemp Direct expertises in hemp ‘inhalables’, boasting two categories of hemp flowers: cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG). Those are bred in varied methods in order to meet the needs of different users, while the presence of the cannabinoids is of significant value, resulting in great effects for the users.

The company also features quite an extensive selection of hemp products compared to other brands, boasting a selection of edibles, like gummy candies with CBD extracts.

Another feature worth mentioning is the authentic, nonpsychoactive marijuana flavors present in the products, to satisfy users looking for that particular taste without certain effects.

What people are saying about CBD Hemp Direct

CBD Hemp Direct offers a particularly extensive selection of products as compared to other brands, and that is one of the company’s most prominent highlights.

Another great feature of Hemp Direct is their educational side; the company goes to great lengths to ensure that the people buying its products are fully aware and up to date regarding all things CBD. Hemp Direct’s packaging and included leaflets are manufactured in such a fashion as to be informative about CBD products, just like the company website, and the buyers are more than satisfied.

Additionally, the most often occurring Reddit comment regarding Hemp Direct compliments their excellent customer service: whether you’re buying or merely asking for assistance, their customer support is one of their best features.

CBD Hemp Direct Coupons and Offers

There are plenty of frequently updated coupons and discounts available on the CBD Hemp Direct website. When you enter, a notice along the top of the website gives you a code for an instant discount of a value between 5% and 10%, for your first purchase.

Hemp Direct offers their products wholesale, as well. After an interview process so that vendors are securely verified, the wholesale option is a lifesaver for those planning on selling CBD Hemp Direct’s quality products!


It is safe to say that CBD Hemp Direct offers top quality hemp flower products: containing no additives, the hemp flower used in these products is completely natural, and therefore much safer to smoke and vape than the majority of other products. Of course, vaping and smoking aren’t the safest intake methods, regardless of the quality of the hemp flower; there are numerous studies that suggest the presence of carcinogens in any form of smoke.

However, even though the hemp flower is their highlight, CBD Hemp Direct offers a vast array of products that come in varying flavors, potencies, and terpene profiles. Edibles, kief, hash, vape cartridges, and concentrates are also available within the wide range of products, made from Hemp Direct’s very own expertly grown range of CBD hemp flowers. Most of their products are rather popular among the buyers: the company is often and quite quickly sold out of certain products.

CBD Hemp Direct








Customer Service



  • Excellent customer service
  • Reliable vendors
  • Third party testing


  • A bit expensive

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