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Blueberry OG Strain Review + Info

Blueberry OG Strain Overview

Blue OG is an indica-dominant that isn’t power packed. However, it is beloved by many users for its effects. It may calm anxiety and rid users of stress, all while reducing some inflammatory and pain symptoms. It has a mellow body high and smooth let down, as well as a hint of fresh, sweet and ripe blueberries.



Common usage

Chronic pain
Lack of appetite


Body high/numbing

Growing info

It may prove difficult to find a reliable source of seeds, so many cultivators use clippings. The strain can grow both indoors and outdoors, however, branches must be trimmed and pruned. Shocking the plant with cooler temperatures may produce vivid colorations. Harvesting can typically begin after 8-10 weeks.

There are many strains out there with a massively famous reputation – the old mainstay strains that, when you are standing there confused at the dispensary, you know you can rely on.

However, what happens if you take some of these reliable and dependable strains that we all love and know so well, and cross them together?

The Blueberry OG strain is one example of this – two classic, beloved strains mixed together to form something altogether different, yet still extremely familiar.

Let’s take a look at the Blueberry OG strain and find out if it can manage to live up to the reputation of its esteemed parents.

What is the Blueberry OG Strain?

The Blueberry OG strain was originally created using the DJ Short Blueberry strain crossed with OG Kush, one of the most classic weed strains ever known.

With a name like Blueberry OG, you immediately conjure up an odd combination of both intense, fresh blueberries and the classic, dank flavor of the OG family of weed.

It is important to note, however, that the Blueberry part of this strain’s genetics actually belongs to DJ Short Blueberry, which is subtly different from the classic Blueberry strain that should be familiar to any fruity strain lovers out there.

what is the blueberry og strain?

Developed in the West Coast, this Blueberry offshoot was spliced and bred and bred again until the flavors were thoroughly concentrated and hybridized, creating a singularly potent Blueberry flavor and rich quantities of THC.

When paired with the almighty classic indica legend, OG Kush, you end up with an indica leaning hybrid that maintains the flavors of both of its parents, while also bringing with it a profoundly cognizant, yet altogether otherworldly high.

After your very first puff of Blueberry OG, you will immediately notice a stunning sensation of euphoric rush, creating a noticeable feeling of lightheadedness and the sensation of suddenly floating high above the ground.

You will initially stumble for a brief period, until you realize that there is not a single ounce of stress or worry left within your entire body, ultimately providing an incredibly potent, beautiful rush of calm, relaxed feeling that you will struggle to remember ever experiencing before.

A smile will become fixed on your face, giving you a thoroughly uplifted, yet strangely focused mindset on everything around you, meaning that, while you are smiling like an idiot and gazing all around you, you will still find yourself able to focus on any tasks you have left to do at the end of the day.

One of the most recognizable features of this high is the incredible desire to simply keep talking, no matter what happens, after a little while of smoking this strain.

If you are comfortable within a group that is all sharing some Blueberry OG, your conversation will seem to go on for hours, talking about anything and everything and truly opening yourselves up to one another.

If, however, you are the only one who is currently enjoying Blueberry OG, then your friends will find you rambling incessantly, as well as finding it incapable of shutting you up. So, for the sake of the sanity of those around you, make sure you only really ever smoke Blueberry OG in the company of other like-minded people. You wouldn’t want to be a bore.

What about its flavor and aroma, however? Is there the typically expected intensity of Blueberries and dank OG diesel, as you would expect?


As would most certainly be expected from a strain called Blueberry OG, this marijuana strain has the immediately noticeable first smell of fresh blueberries.

The original Blueberry strain, simply called “Blueberry,” was well known for the smell of fresh, bursting blueberries hitting your tongue. With Blueberry OG, the smell is a bit more textured than that, carrying with it the scent of the forest around the blueberries themselves, as well as the earth itself.

Undercutting the profoundly potent blueberry flavor is the distinct quality of rich clods of earth, packed full of life and vibrancy.

The smell only deepens further when you open the buds up, providing rich undercurrents of other berries, with the occasional hint of sourness and diesel that is immediately recognizable as being from OG Kush.

What about its actual flavor, though? Does it taste the same as it smells?


On first smoking this famous strain, the obvious initial flavor is one of the blueberries. Bright, dancing blueberries on your tongue, with rich, teeming juice that seems to run across your mouth and makes you salivate physically.

However, the earthiness is far more noticeable than with its aroma, immediately hitting you with that rich flavor of dirt, as well as just a little bit of peat as well.

At the very back of your throat, hidden beneath that initial wave of tart yet sweet blueberries, is that strong and constantly familiar OG Kush taste. Diesel, dankness and a little bit of sour earth, these two primary flavors meld and mesh together constantly, creating this burst of intense flavor that leaves you spinning on the spot.

What about how it looks, however? Does it have an attractive appearance to go along with its flavor profile?


Surprisingly, this uniquely potent strain doesn’t have any particular qualities in its appearance that make it especially noticeable.

It is bright green with lashings of yellow, like a sun-dappled forest seen through the clouds, yet it does also possess the occasional touch of darker colors like purple and even, on occasion, a bit of rusty red.

The buds are medium-sized and decently compact – the Blueberry OG strain altogether looks like your everyday marijuana bud, only with a few extra colorful additions to help it stand out.

However, a few samples of this strain, in a similar method to its original parent, Blueberry, can tend to become even more colorful if they are subjected to cooler temperatures, especially during the drying phase of bud production.

This is quite difficult to find at your local dispensary; however. The very best way to find this kind of uniquely attractive color variety is to try and grow some Blueberry OG yourself.

Blueberry OG Strain Grow Info

Blueberry OG seeds are generally considered to be a bit of a rare sight in the cannabis market. This is because of the fact that the original growers of its Blueberry parent, DJ Short, hold the seeds trademark quite tightly, making it rather difficult to find any usable seeds as a result of their scarcity.

Instead, try and get your hands on a clipping from a trustworthy friend, as this plant grows exceptionally well from a clone.

You can grow it either indoors or outdoors, but make sure that you keep it well pruned as this strain tends to grow rather like a dense, prickly bush, causing it to overshadow the branches on the lower portions of the plant.

blueberry og strain grow info

Additionally, if you want to cultivate that beautiful color quality that many Blueberry strains possess, you need to subject it to slightly colder temperatures (no more than about 10 degrees Fahrenheit) for a few days just before flowering.

This is easiest to do if grown indoors, as you can simply change the temperature of the room, but you can also pray for colder weather if you grow it outdoors.

Expect a sizeable harvest after between 8 and 10 weeks, especially if you paid close attention to the nutritional needs of your Blueberry OG during its early growth – it tends to prefer a bit more nitrogen than other strains, so make sure to keep it well fertilized and happy.

Once you have got your Blueberry OG grown, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from your finished bud?

THC Content – Highest Test

Blueberry OG cannabis is well known for its potency, as well as its myriad of different effects. However, what isn’t 100% clear is its precise cannabinoid content.

Some growers and reviewers state that this strain has a whopping 24% THC content, yet others state that it has an almost 2:1 ratio of CBD, focusing on its extremely low 16% THC content.

From just the high alone, it would seem to make sense that the THC content of Blueberry OG wouldn’t be too much, as it doesn’t induce much psychosis or any kind of intense reactions. However, the strength of Blueberry OG speaks for itself, making it absolutely certain that it does, in the least, contain more THC than most other similar hybrids.

CBD Content – Highest Test

With regard to the exact CBD content of the Blueberry OG strain, it is even less clear than its THC content.

Some people swear by the CBD-rich effects of the Blueberry OG strain, claiming that it has a massive 13% CBD and is perfect for treating inflammation and all manner of CBD-curable ailments. However, many others also claim that it has no CBD at all and doesn’t seem to be useful for anything other than its incredibly pleasurable high.

So, what are the actual medical benefits of this strain? What kind of useful treatment options does the Blueberry OG strain provide?

Medical Benefits of the Blueberry OG Strain

When trying to figure out the cannabinoid content of a particular strain, as well as its likely parentage, it is very helpful to be able to look at its typical medical effects, as this will usually tell us what exactly our weed is made of.

When it comes to Blueberry OG, it would seem very likely that it is primarily rich in THC, with at least some CBD content, due to its obvious effects.

For starters, Blueberry OG is excellent at treating depression and stress, implying it possesses at least a decent quantity of CBD. Additionally, the lengthy high that this strain provides is perfect for helping remove any and all doubts, stress or worry that you carry with you throughout the day.

medical benefits of the blueberry og strain

Furthermore, this strain is excellent at treating persistent headaches and inflammation, as well as all general issues arising from pain, especially long-term pain from a chronic illness.

This long list of Blueberry OG’s myriad medical effects makes it a wonderful strain to take as a general treatment for all sorts of conditions – not only does it help suppress pain, but it also helps improve your mood and just generally make life a little bit more bearable than it might have been before.

Of course, with any positive strain of marijuana with useful medical effects must also come to a few negative effects as well, so what are the side effects of the Blueberry OG strain?

Possible Side Effects of the Blueberry OG Strain

Getting the obvious out of the way first, you can expect a decent amount of dry mouth and dry eyes as a result of this strain, causing a significant, noticeable chapping to your lips and eyelids that will likely require frequent wetting with cool water to help abate.

Alongside this, the most noticeable and unpleasant side effects of Blueberry OG is the heightened feeling of anxiety that it induces.

While many strains with significant quantities of cannabinoids tend to be very useful for helping treat anxiety, this strain is one that, sadly, causes it.

While this is most noticeable if you already suffer from anxiety, many users have reported periods of brief anxiety and anxious thoughts after taking this strain, so make sure you refrain from smoking too much at any one time.

Additionally, expect to feel a bit of dizziness after you first initial puff of this potent strain; while not entirely terrible, this feeling of dizziness can leave some people a little frightened if they are not used to it.

Final Thoughts on the Blueberry OG Strain

There are many potent, flavorful strains out there that are absolutely worth trying – from the classic, ever-constant OG Kush to more esoteric strains with names no one has ever heard of; it is always difficult to find a complete list of strains you absolutely need to try.

One good way to get started is to make sure to try well-reviewed strains created from already famous strains – ones that have been designed with intense flavors and powerful effects in mind.

So, if you are looking for a wonderfully potent, yet still supremely tasty strain, it is well worth it to give Blueberry OG a try.

It won’t knock you out, nor will it lend you transcendent, psychedelic visions, but it will give you an incredibly fun and enjoyable high, all while being backed up by delicious Blueberry and dank, earthy flavors.

For those with a desire to try only the very best that the marijuana world has to offer, definitely make sure to try and find some Blueberry OG next time you are at your local dispensary.

If you can’t find it, maybe try the West Coast?

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