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Best Medical Marijuana Accessories

Weed is finally working its way into Western medicine. Well, to be honest, cannabis was recognized as a healing herb pre-20th century. Interestingly, recent research suggests cannabis tinctures were in many doctors’ toolkits before weed was outlawed.

Now that millions of patients enjoy easy access to medical cannabis, there’s a growing demand for MMJ accessories. Taking a pot prescription isn’t as straightforward as popping a pre-measured pill. Indeed, since many people use marijuana for mental health, it’s important to make your experience extra enjoyable. Thankfully, there are intriguing items that can take all the stress out of preparing, dosing, and savoring your favorite strains. 

Best Medical Marijuana Gadgets For A Stress-Free Smoke 

The medical marijuana market has grown significantly over the years. With this growth comes different ways to consume cannabis and a variety of gadgets to accompany each option. Besides bongs and rolling papers, here are some of the best medical marijuana accessories to add to your gear kit.

Give Your Lungs A Breather With A Dry Herb Vaporizer

The “vaping revolution” is still alive and well, especially in the lucrative cannabis market. Even experienced smokers are impressed by how smooth and flavorful cannabis vapor tastes versus standard joints. 

If you find that smoking cannabis is too harsh, you should consider investigating the many portable dry herb vaporizers now hitting store shelves. Many of these handy devices have precise temperature controls and fit snugly in the palm of your hand. This is excellent news for patients who love microdosing on the sly. Plus, there are even a few dry herb vaporizers with concentrate compatibility. 

A solid dry herb vaporizer could become a reliable friend on your MMJ journey. 

Vaping is a popular way to consume cannabis now since it doesn’t produce some of the harmful byproducts of burning material, such as tar. Check out these three popular vaporizers.

Puffco Peak

This borosilicate glass tabletop vape is sleek, uses water filtration, and provides a great user experience. It heats up in 20 seconds and vibrates to alert you of the perfect time to take a hit. The Puffco Peak has four unique heat settings and intelligent temperature calibration for consistency during repeated use.

DaVinci IQ2

The DaVinci IQ2 works with dry-herb and multiple kinds of concentrates. It’s made from medical-grade components to guarantee clean, thick vapor clouds, including a ceramic glass-lined oven to prevent flavor profile contamination. Using an app and device dosage calculator, you can also track the number of active components per dose, draw, and session.

Dr. Dabber Switch

This vape is big, high-tech, and suitable for flowers or concentrates. There’s a tree perc bubbler, glass attachment, and 25 temperature options. It uses induction heating and can heat up in four to six seconds.

Making Edibles

Perhaps you’re not into smoking or enjoy cooking or baking. Homemade edibles can be fun to create and a tasty way to consume cannabis. There are also plenty of accessories to help you in the kitchen.

Edibles aren’t as potent as tinctures or smokable products, but that may make them an attractive option for some MMJ patients. The subtle effects of these products could give users a long-lasting sense of relief. Plus, is there any tastier way to work some THC into your diet? 

Bake Some Baked Brownies With A Cannabis Cooking Kit

Unfortunately, mass-produced edibles don’t always match a patient’s dietary restrictions or potency requirements. That’s why making edibles at home has become increasingly popular in the MMJ community. When you make edibles at home, you get to control everything that goes into your goodies. 

But you don’t have to be a Bong Appétit chef to make killer cannabutter. There are plenty of cannabis cooking kits that make baking edibles simple. Whether you want to make gummies, salad oil, chocolate bars, or butter, you should consider adding an edibles kit to your kitchen. There are even some kits that have decarboxylation boxes to activate your flower’s cannabinoids. Any “flower foodies” should take a few moments to review the dozens of edibles kits now available.

Ardent FX Decarboxylator

This compact accessory lets you decarboxylate, extract, infuse, melt, and bake herb or extracts. It’s virtually odorless and easy to use by simply pressing a button to switch between the various modes.

EcoPeaceful Nut Milk Bag

Here’s a bag great for straining cannabis flowers out of butter, olive oil, or tallow. The liquid flows when you twist and squeeze it without letting any plant material pass through. The certified 100 percent organic cotton is also good for your health.

Magical Butter MB2e Machine

Among other foods, this machine is specially designed to make infused butter or oil with its 190-micron nylon mesh screen purify filter. It’s also made from durable stainless steel and is easy to maintain using its automatic cleaning cycles.

Smoking Support

Besides pipes, bongs, or rolling papers, there are plenty of other tools that help your smoking activities go smoother. It’s the unique features of these three gadgets that make them so useful!

Toker Poker

As a sleeve for your lighter, this multi-purpose accessory is helpful for any smoker. It includes a tamper on one end and a stainless steel poker on the other. It also holds 5 feet of hemp wick securely. These tools help you pack cannabis flowers, so you don’t get them stuck to your fingers.

Spread Your Skunk With A Stylish Steel Scraper 

Everyone likes to look at glistening trichomes, but few weed fans like handling buds with their hands. Since well-cured strains are super sticky, some of those trichomes will inevitably cling to your fingertips. Not only is this incredibly annoying, it could reduce the potency and flavor of your strain. 

To avoid this common annoyance, get yourself a high-quality steel kief scraper. This tiny device is perfect for measuring out your weed and transferring it to a joint or bong. You could also use these scrapers to pack and level out your weed to ensure you’re getting the optimal dose. 

While this device may seem simplistic, you’ll be amazed how much your sessions improve after using it. Your fingers will be “cling-free,” and you’ll experience way more terpenes and cannabinoids. 

Debowler ashtray

Here’s a specially designed ashtray with a poker sticking up in the middle. The poker lets you clear your bowl, so the ash falls right into the ashtray. It helps the process stay clean and mess-free without the hassle of banging on your bowl or finding a toothpick.

Give Your Wrists A Rest With An Electric Weed Grinder 

Many people in the chronic pain community are huge advocates of medicinal cannabis. While these patients love medicating with marijuana, they often complain about putting their herb in a grinder. Properly grinding marijuana can cause a lot of strain, especially for people with conditions like arthritis. 

If MMJ patients are struggling with their standard grinder, it may be time for a hi-tech upgrade. There are dozens of hands-free electric grinders designed explicitly for weed. With the push of a button, you could grind your desired amount of herb without tiring out your wrists. Heck, there are even a few “smart units” like Banana Bros’s OTTO that will grind your cannabis and fill your joints! 

While these grinders may seem like a splurge item, countless MMJ patients claim they are indispensable. 

Effective Storage

Cannabis flowers are pungent and easily affected by factors such as heat, light, and moisture. It’s best to keep them in a neutral space to avoid changing how it looks, tastes, smells, or the THC levels. Here are three airtight storage solutions to consider.

CVault Storage Container

This airtight container is made from food-grade stainless steel and has a strong clip latch seal and silicone ring. It also comes with humidity packs to control the moisture in the container. The large size has a holding capacity of 28 to 50 grams or 0.7 liters.

Hemper Keeper 3-in-1 Storage

Not only is this product smell-proof, airtight, and water-tight, but it has a built-in grinder under the lid. It holds about an eighth of marijuana and has two compartments to separate your ground materials and herbs. There’s also a flexible tether you can clip to your bag, keychain, or belt.

Smell Proof Cannabis Carry Bag

This discrete pouch is made from water-resistant and heavy-duty 600D canvas. It’s also fully lined with double-layered activated carbon to trap and neutralize smells for advanced odor elimination. It comes with a wrist carry strap and is beautifully designed with black leather trims and accents.

Double-Check Those Cannabinoids With A Potency Scanner

Marijuana isn’t like other medications. Not only is this drug psychoactive, it’s darn near impossible to dose properly. Sure, each strain has an average cannabinoid level, but there will always be fluctuations between cultivars. 

MMJ cardholders need a reliable way to measure the potency of their strains at home. That’s why many patients recommend investing in a portable potency scanner. Yes, there are now devices like tCheck’s potency scanner that can give you accurate readings on your preferred product’s cannabinoids. Having this info will allow you to dose your daily sessions with confidence. 

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