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An Honest Review of Beleafer Hemp Flower

From the outside, Beleafer looks like a successful hemp startup with a commitment to the environment and sustainable agriculture. The company’s mom-and-pop store vibe can seem like quite a relief for customers wishing to avoid doing business with huge industrial hemp brands.

But are Beleafer’s products and company philosophy worth exchanging for the selection and convenience customers can get from hemp megabrands?

Let’s examine the company and its offerings more closely.

About Beleafer

Beleafer prides itself in providing organic, high-end, yet affordable hemp products. The company started out as a kratom supplier through direct email and a partnership with Benni Botanicals

Beleafer soon pivoted to retailing hemp through social media channels. Today, the successful startup has its own streamlined website and manages to find a place in the hemp market among much larger corporate industrial hemp brands.

Beleafer Hemp Flower Review

Beleafer offers both sun-grown and indoor organic hemp. Instead of storing pre-trimmed flower, Beleafer allows the buds to continue curing until the order is placed. Once the customer places an order, Beleafer’s expert trimmers manicure the buds to perfection. This process preserves fragile terpenes and enhances the freshness and flavor of the flower.

Beleafer’s menu of strains includes popular favorites like Remedy, Abacus, and Legendary OG, as well as rarer varieties, such as Wu5, Bubba Funk, and Magic Bullet.

Beleafer also stocks organic CBG flower, including White CBG and Sour G. Additionally, customers wishing to try out several types of hemp flower can purchase sampler packs with two to eight strains of their choice. The company also offers reasonably priced mixed trim for making extracts.

Other Products at Beleafer

Beleafer’s website includes a small hemp flower infusion section. However, the limited selection points to the company’s commitment to quality. Instead of using potentially harmful solvents, Beleafer adheres exclusively to supercritical CO2 extraction methods. 

Currently, Beleafer offers full-spectrum CBD vape cartridges and full-spectrum CBD oil.

The 1000-milligram vape carts include extracts from a blend of organic hemp strains and emphasize uplifting terpenes like myrcene, limonene, and pinene. The company’s full-spectrum CBD oil features an extra-virgin olive oil carrier and organic sunflower lecithin to improve the product’s bioavailability.

Beleafer recently added a Half-Baked Brownie to its offerings. Although the brownie contains organic eggs, the new CBD-infused treat is 100% gluten and dairy-free. Beleafer’s brownie has a distinct homemade look, contains 150 milligrams of total cannabinoids, and costs a mere $10.

Beleafer Website Layout, Order Process, and Shipping

Beleafer maintains a relatively streamlined and user-friendly website with current Certificates of Analysis (COAs) published for each strain. The company provides free shipping throughout the United States for all orders over $99 and offers a 10% discount for customers purchasing with Bitcoin.  

Beleafer staff typically processes orders within one or two business days. However, since the company is relatively small, orders can get delayed during sales events. Once the staff fills the order, the customer receives an automatic email with a USPS tracking number.

Beleafer takes special care to package all orders with attention to freshness and discretion. All shipments come with copies of official COAs for each product and a letter to law enforcement so that customers can avoid any misunderstandings.

Beleafer Returns and Customer Service Review

Unfortunately, Beleafer doesn’t offer any options for refunds, returns, or exchanges. However, the prices are reasonable, and the company has earned many positive reviews on specialist sites and online forums like Reddit. Beleafer also publishes complete customer reviews on its own website, including the occasional negative commentary.

Beleafer Review: Should You Give Them a Try?

Beleafer offers a variety of organic hemp flower strains for prices that often beat those of much larger industrial hemp brands. The company offers both indoor and sun-grown flower featuring both classic favorites and relatively rare hemp cultivars.

The biggest drawback is that all Beleafer sales are final. But at prices as low as $4 per gram, the risk is minimal. Plus, Beleafer’s products are backed by a host of stellar customer reviews. 

If you don’t mind a slight delay during high-volume times and the no-returns policy, Beleafer is definitely worth a try and can be an excellent alternative for customers who would like to support smaller hemp businesses.

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