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An Extra Special Extraterrestrial — Alien Cookies Strain Review

Unlike whatever’s in Area 52, nobody doubts the Alien Cookies strain exists. However, finding this strain in a dispensary is almost as difficult as finding life on Mars. Anyone fortunate enough to get this “under the radar” hybrid usually raves about its balanced effects and flavors. 

Alien Cookies may not be easily accessible, but it’s gaining attention on social media. If more people start searching for Alien Cookies, you’d better believe more cultivators will try to breed it.

What Is Alien Cookies’ Lineage?

Whenever people see a strain with “Alien” in its name, they usually associate it with the famous seed bank Alien Genetics. In Alien Cookies’ case, it doesn’t appear to be an original Alien Genetics creation. Instead, breeders named this hybrid after its parent strains: Alien Dawg and Girl Scout Cookies. 

As a part of the Cookies lineage, Alien Cookies has many typical traits found in Kush flowers. However, most tests reveal the Alien Cookies cultivar isn’t as sedating as GSC. Indeed, Alien Cookies are generally considered to be a 50/50 hybrid. 

One feature where Alien Cookies is “out of this world” is in its THC percentage. Most cuts of this hybrid have THC well in the 25 percent range with ≤ 1 percent CBD. So, even though Alien Cookies is well-balanced, it’s far better suited for cannasseurs with a high THC tolerance. 

What Are Alien Cookies’ Average Flavors?

Alien Cookies mimics many of the flavors you’d expect in a standard cut of GSC. Indeed, the top two flavors people mention when they smoke Alien Cookies are “sweet” and “earth.” 

Interestingly, Alien Cookies tend to have a more pronounced vanilla profile, which may contribute to its smooth texture. However, underneath these vanilla notes, you should expect standard Kush features like pine, woods, and spice. 

While you may notice hints of citrus or berry, people never describe Alien Cookies as a “fruity” strain. It’s better to think of Alien Cookies as a moderately sweet dessert strain with heavier notes of cream, vanilla bean, and dank earth. 

How Does It Feel To Smoke Alien Cookies?

As long as you have a moderate THC tolerance, smoking Alien Cookies should be a pleasant, well-balanced experience. Most reports suggest Alien Cookies doesn’t lean sativa or indica. Instead, this hybrid provides a mix of head-rush euphoria that’s countered by a full-body buzz. 

As you continue smoking Alien Cookies, you may notice slight sedation. However, this isn’t considered a “couchlock strain.” You could use Alien Cookies to provide a gentle lift for casual party atmospheres or relaxing tasks like curling up with a good book or watching Netflix. 

Just bear in mind that Alien Cookies has one significant side effect: munchies! Everyone who tries Alien Cookies says this strain hits them with a massive “snack craving.” Please keep a few of your favorite treats nearby to fully enjoy your high. 

While you could use Alien Cookies for microdosing, most cannasseurs reserve these buds for a nighttime session. Not only could this strain induce sedation, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most customers. Since Alien Cookies nugs are so hard to come by, tokers want to savor every hit of this luxury hybrid. 

Are There Similar Strains To Alien Cookies?

Due to Alien Cookies’ scarcity, cannabis fans have begun searching for alternatives to this hard-to-find hybrid. Arguably, nothing could match the unique flavors in Alien Cookies, but a few strains in the GSC lineage could mimic its flavors and effects.

For instance, the famous hybrid Wedding Cake is a decent replacement for Alien Cookies. Both of these strains have pronounced vanilla terpenes and relaxing effects that are great for an after-dinner smoke. Also, there are reports that both Wedding Cake and Alien Cookies increase appetite. 

Alien Kush is another strain related to Alien Cookies. Like Alien Cookies, Alien Kush has traces of the hybrid Alien Dawg, however it doesn’t have the same vanilla notes. Instead, people who smoke Alien Kush claim it has more standard Kush flavors like spice, earth, and fresh herbs. Also, since Alien Kush is slightly indica, it has a higher potential for sedation.

FYI: There are now hemp companies that offer federally-legal flowers with Alien Kush genetics. For instance, you could find Fortified Delta-8 Alien Kush nugs on reputable vendors like Industrial Hemp Farms. So, even if cannabis isn’t legal in your state, it’s possible to give these hemp nugs a try. 

Strains similar to Alien Cookies strain
Fortified Delta-8 Alien Kush from Industrial Hemp Farms

Fly As High As A UFO With Alien Cookies

Alien Cookies flowers are a delicacy in cannabis circles. Because so few people experienced this strain, it’s still a bit of a mystery to many tokers. However, most anecdotal reports suggest Alien Cookies is a fantastic 50/50 hybrid with high THC and vanilla bean terpenes. So, if you’re searching for a premium nighttime treat, you may want to add Alien Cookies to your watchlist.

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